The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Supergirl Joins Musical Special

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The Flash Season 3 episode 17 titled "Duet" is very unique and it takes a nod on the actors' past work.

Supergirl joins this episode which is a musical special. The producers wanted to celebrate the fact that the leads Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist can sing thanks to their time on Glee.

Basically this episode involves the magical type of villain by the name of Music Meister.

In the last episode of Supergirl, Music Meister has Supergirl in a comatose state and he escapes to Earth 1 to set in sights on The Flash.

Mon El and John Jones travel to Earth 1 to seek help so they can wake up Supergirl.

Music Meister is a feisty person as he manages to make The Flash go into a comatose state too.

Now both Supergirl and The Flash are in a dream state trapped in an old-school world where both of them are singers working for a mob boss.

While watching this episode, at first I thought I wouldn't like it.

I'm not a fan of musicals of any kind, but this episode wasn't too bad, It was nice to see all the cameos from actors that appear in Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow plus The Flash and Supergirl.

Many of the cast can actually sing and dance.

The actual story though takes a nosedive when it comes to the grand scheme of things.

This episode has no plot advancement whatsoever to both Supergirl or The Flash.

By the end of the episode, this episode is just a creative way to try and make Barry Allen get back together with Iris West and Supergirl getting back together with Mon El.

To basically escape from this dream world, they have to "follow the plot" and also confess love to their partners. It's basically a cliche fairy tale storyline that some people may like, while series regulars might not be so receptive.

In other words, Music Meister was not a bad guy at all and he just created a grand illusion of sorts to make the main characters get back together with their loved ones.

Savitar makes no appearance in this episode so it's kind of disappointing that this is just a diversion to the main task at hand.

That being said though, "Duet" was creative and I can see that the cast and crew may have had fun showing off their singing chops. Both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist can actually sing really well.

The only time where the musical part made me cringe was near the end when Barry was singing to Iris. This seemed kind of forced since Barry was no longer under the spell of Music Meister.

Not to mention Music Meister was a weird "villain". All he wanted was to see the the main heroes love their counterparts again.

After the episode ends, he just fades away. Again, he could have been a compelling antagonist to both Supergirl and The Flash, but he ended up just being a glorified cupid.

Anyway, if you love the drama in CW shows you will like this episode.

If you're the type that loves to see the action and story instead, you could skip this episode altogether.

Nothing important really happened in it other than the fact that Barry and Iris are back together again and Supergirl is no longer in a comatose state.

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