Howard Stern Previews Howard 360

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When Howard Stern re-signed with SiriusXM he promised fans an even better radio and multimedia experience to come. He recently gave fans a glimpse of the new aspect of the show by mentioning the Howard 360 platform.

"Howard said they have a working title for their new technology that will be out eventually," reported MarksFriggin.

"It's called Howard 360. Howard said it's all in theory right now.

He said if he can pull off just some of what he wants to do it'll be amazing.

Howard said Sirius is willing to work with him on this whole thing. He said in this last negotiation they worked with him."

Howard 360 is just the working title for the platform at the moment so the name could change once it's ready for listeners.

Stern is trying to set an industry standard with the next step in his career with SiriusXM and it's show by the fact that he chose to resign with them.

"He said that everyone will copy it but the fans will know the truth. Howard said that's important to him," according to MF.

Stern joked that Howard 360 would involve seeing Robin Quivers topless and while he also joked about a 2025 release for the platform it's like that it will come much sooner than that.

It's possible that Stern will reveal more information as the year progresses so fans might want to stay tune for the details.