'Girl Meets World' Cancelled, Says Co-Star...But What's Brewing Backstage?

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Rider Strong, who plays Sean Hunter on Girl Meets World -- as well as the original Boy Meets World -- appears to have confirmed what we've all been afriad of: Girl Meets World is cancelled.

Strong made the statement on the December 24th episode of Literary Disco, his podcast. While talking about why he hasn't been on the podcast in a while, he said:

I haven't been doing much...I mean I've been doing a lot of writing and creative stuff but...we finished the third season of Girl Meets World, and since then my brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple. And the show ended.

The podcast, which features Strong, along with Julia Pistell and Tod Goldberg, recommends good books and stories. The trio hadn't done a show in a while, but they came back together for the 100th episode, which aired on the 24th.

There have been rumblings about Girl Meets World's cancelation for a while, but until now, the actors have continued to say that there has been no decision.

This is the first time an actor on the show stated definitively that the show is over.

But it turns out that not everyone agrees.

Drama Brews Among 'Girl Meets World' Team

Interestingly, there was a slight dig taken at Strong's expense, when a Girl Meets World writer said, "as much as I love Shawn Hunter, having created his character and everything, you have to remember that he was wrong a lot."

The official Twitter of Girl Meets World writers posted this after news of Strong's statement spread:

They followed it up with this:

As we had written earlier, we are expecting an official statement from Disney at the end of this year or beginning of 2017. When asked for a comment about the cancellation, Disney has to date refused to comment.

What Do Rowan Blanchard And Sabrina Carpenter Have To Say?

Not much. Carpenter didn't address the situation at all. August Maturo and Rowan Blanchard are the only major cast members who have addressed it. However, neither has made an actual statement -- instead, they both retweeted others' comments.

So what's going to happen. At this point it seems pretty likely that the show's end is upon us. However, we'll keep you posted.

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