A New Dragon Ball Movie Is In The Works By Toei Animation To Focus On Saiyans

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It's been a few years since we have received a new animated Dragon Ball movie. Well another one might be released in the near future that will be about the race of Saiyans.

Toei Animation made the announcement earlier this week at an event. Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) reported on the stream via Twitter on what he saw and it looks like a new movie is out in December 2018.

The official Toei Animation website also posted some additional details about the upcoming film. The translation is a bit wonky, but it is something about the strength of the Saiyans or something along those lines.

That said, it's still a movie that heavily centers around the Saiyan race. Every other movie/TV show/manga already feature the Saiyans a lot especially when it comes to Goku.

It's kind of sad other races/characters never get a spot in the limelight, although the Saiyans are the most popular race in the entire franchise.

Anyway, this movie will be out in Japan first and is likely to be dubbed in English a few months later.

Hopefully more details about this movie come our way next year closer to its release date. For now, we can still enjoy Dragon Ball Super which is currently still on the very long Tournament of Power saga.

The movie already as an official website called dbmovie-20th.

The website does not feature much of anything yet, but it's more than likely going to feature more information soon. However, the website is in Japanese so you may need to use Google Translate in order to understand it English.

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