'Arrow' Recap: "Vigilante," Season 5 Episode 7

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The CW's "Arrow" brings a new masked crusader to Star City. The city already has protectors though and some don't take it well in "Vigilante," the seventh episode of the fifth season.

There's a new vigilante in Star City and they're dropping bodies. The team becomes torn between stopping someone who helping or not.

Diggle is becoming frustrated with his life as an outlaw. Thea fights for Lance's sobriety even after he reveals something shocking to her. In the flashbacks, Oliver finally sits down with Kovar.

A deal to buy a girl is interrupted by someone they think is the Green Arrow. They'd be wrong as the vigilante doesn't leave them with their lives. Diggle is taking his cabin fever out on Rene during training.

Oliver and Rory discuss ideas about Prometheus when Felicity comes in with news on last night's murders.

Oliver thinks they should stop this new vigilante but others on the team disagree. Which is weird cause he's killing people and that's the exact same thing they harshly judged Oliver for doing.

In a flashback, Oliver wakes up at the dinner table across from Kovar. He wants answers. He's got Taiana's mom working for him. Susan is waiting for Oliver when he comes into work the next morning.

He wants her to keep quiet about the recent killings. She agrees easily and asks him out for a drink.

Lance gives Thea his resignation letter. The team is called into action to stop a bank robbery. By the time they get there all that's left is an injured robber left to die.

Oliver calls the team out when they suggest not stopping the new vigilante. That can't hold up saving lives if they allow another to kill. Kovar starts showing Oliver evidence that the Bratva isn't what they seem. Oliver stabs Kovar in the hand and demands his release. Thea goes to speak with Lance. He comes clean about what the blood and arrow tip he found on himself.

Curtis and Rene go to question a gun shop keeper about who he's been selling bullets to, when Diggle bursts in. He's a lot harsher than he need to be. He's bummed that he had to miss his son's birthday.

Evelyn and Rory interrogate a member of Dunn's crew for his location. Dunn is already pulling another heist.

The team arrives just in time to save the robbers from the new vigilante. Oliver tries to speak with him but they just end up agree that they're on opposite sides.

Oliver is beginning to consider what the vigilante said as truth. Oliver's escape plan is easily botched as he begins to blackout. Lance doesn't think he's Prometheus but he does believe he's a target. That's why he wants to distant himself from Thea and Oliver.

Cross scares a location for Dunn out of the one Bones member they have in custody. Oliver urges him to catch Dunn before the vigilante.

The Green Arrow gets there first. Dunn regals him with his origin story when the vigilante starts shooting up the motel room. They just manage to make it to the bathroom door when he shoots off a grenade.

The explosion ended up killing three people in the adjacent motel rooms. The rest of the team is convinced that the vigilante needs to be stopped. Thea drives Lance to a rehab center. Oliver goes on his date with Susan. He asks for her advice on the vigilante in a vague way. Diggle calls Oliver with the idea of staging a bank robbery. Felicity makes sure the cops don't get called in.

Artemis and Terrific are outside in the van. The vigilante creeps up behind them. The vigilante drags Terrific in and demands a meeting with the Green Arrow.

The vigilante believes that the only reason the Green Arrow isn't killing is because he hasn't lost anyone. Oliver is gonna make him eat those words.

He manages to string the vigilante up but just as he reaches for his mask an explosion throws him back. The vigilante makes his escape.

Dunn is delivered to the police station. Thea shows Oliver the throwing star Lance gave her. He realizes the Prometheus must know his real identity. Oliver challenges Kovar to fight without his henchmen. He's getting the snot kicked out of him when a member of the Bratva comes in.

They've made a deal with Kovar. Diggle is over training again. Rene help Lyla bring his son to the hideout to have a little birthday celebration.

Susan comes by the office just as Oliver is heading home. They end up going for another drink together. Artemis is really working with or for Prometheus.

"Vigilante" was another interesting episode of "Arrow." Always nice to get a refresher on the whole killing makes you just as bad as them speel. Keep watching Wednesday's at 8pm or catch it on the CW site.

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