Supergirl Season 3 Episode 19 Recap/Review: ‘The Fanatical’

Supergirl recently has been about Reign and her continued quest to destroy Earth, but this week the character literally takes a rest. Instead, the main villains of this week's episode are cultists who want to make their own World Killer.

You may remember the character of Thomas Colville who featured in a previous episode as he was a fanatic of Supergirl.

His proteges are continuing his work and they have found a special rock that can help them create another World Killer.

This rock is special because it can be reversed so that Supergirl and her friends can finally cure Reign and turn her back into Samantha.

This is obviously easier said than done which means the good guys need to catch the cultists and make sure the rock does not end up in enemy hands.

I thought this week's episode was interesting because Supergirl was not really the main character. Instead, we have more of a special look at Jimmy Olsen and what it means for him to become Guardian.

At the start of this episode, Guardian has to protect a young girl named Tanya who has got a hold of a special book that the cultists want.

Guardian actually shows his face to the bad guys, but he manages to save Tanya in the end.

The cultists are currently led by a young girl named OIivia. Some people may remember her from a previous episode as Supergirl helped her, but now she's become more evil.

Anyway, the cultists try and blackmail Guardian and say they will reveal his true identity unless they get the book back from Tanya.

Jimmy Olsen is torn by this because he's not sure how the world will react if people knows he's Guardian.

After that, we get a touching scene of Jimmy Olsen admitting to Lena Luthor that it's never easy being a black man living in the USA thanks to racial profiling.

He's kind of afraid of exposing his true identity because he's scared some people cannot accept someone black being a superhero.

I admire a show like Supergirl diving into social issues like this as racial profiling is a big problem over in the USA. I'm hoping they make more storylines out of this in the future because it's something relevant and important in today's society.

Surprisingly, Supergirl kind of takes a back seat in this week's episode as her main conflict is actually with Lena Luthor. Supergirl is trying her best to become 'friends' again with Lena, but Lena keeps turning her down.

Lena just wants to have a working relationship with Supergirl only and that's it.

Supergirl is too scared to tell Lena she's actually Kara Danvers so this storyline is set to continue. I'm hoping tensions between the two characters eventually spill over into Season 4.

Another side story sees Ruby bonding with J'onn J'onzz's dad M'yrnn as they play foosball together. This is helpful for both characters since foosball helps Ruby forget about her mother being Reign and it slows down Myrnn's dementia.

Anyway, the DEO come up with the idea to use Tanya as bait so that they can stop the cultist's plan for making a new Worldkiller once and for all.

Tanya won't be alone since Mon El is going with her acting like a scared hostage.

Mon El is actually pretty helpful in this week's episode because he actually reveals the location of the cultist's secret base. They indeed have the special rock that can potentially create the Worldkiller.

Once Mon El reveals the location, Supergirl comes to stop Olivia from becoming an evil super villain.

There is a little bit of action here that looks great and Guardian manages to save Tanya without needing to reveal his identity to the world.

The fight is not over though mainly because they still need to find a cure for Reign. Reign is getting stronger each day because she's starting to get immune to the effects of Kryptonite!

This week's episode ends with Thomas Colville coming back. He's sure to cook up something in the episodes to come since he does not view Supergirl as a god anymore.

Overall, this week's episode of Supergirl was good mainly because of the themes it explored with the character of Jimmy Olsen.

Outside of that, I was a little disappointed Reign wasn't utilized this week and Supergirl herself was not a big factor also.

That said, I'm still interested to see how Season 3 of Supergirl ends.

I'm enjoying this season more than the current Season 4 of The Flash. Hopefully the finale of Supergirl ends with a final showdown between Reign and Supergirl in a huge fight!

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