The Mandalorian Episode 3 Review (Spoilers)

We are only three episodes into The Mandalorian and the show is already one of my favorites. With a huge production budget behind it, The Mandalorian features awesome action that is usually saved for blockbuster movies.

After being stranded, The Mandalorian has the baby Yoda and is delivering him back to the Empire client. Needless to say, The Mandalorian is starting to have feelings for the child and he's hoping nothing bad happens to the child.

What I like about this third episode is that we see a softer side to The Mandalorian character.

Usually bounty hunters aren't supposed to have soft feelings to their bounties, but The Mandalorian is breaking normal protocol for having an attachment for the Yoda species child.

After delivering the package to the dodgy Empire clients, The Mandalorian is paid for his efforts, but he's still worried about the child.

He breaks all the rules and goes back to save the child so he can have it to himself.

Once The Mandalorian goes back to retrieve the child, the episode becomes full of exciting action. It starts off with The Mandalorian stealthily killing off many of the Stromtroopers that are left guarding the child.

Again, the action comes fast and swift and the episode doesn't get bogged down with any boring drama. What we see is pretty much The Mandalorian kicking a lot of ass and it's awesome to watch.

The episode then becomes like a John Wick movie because there's now a huge bounty on The Mandalorian's head. Pretty much every bounty hunter on the planet is gunning for both The Mandalorian and the child too!

I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but The Mandalorian's friends came out to help him out at the end. Most of his friends are fellow Mandalorians and all of them look super cool in their armor.

The shootout at the end might have been bigger and more exciting than the action sequence at the end of episode 1.

The action is arguably the best thing about the show and it might even be better than the recent Star Wars movies!

I also like the fact that then main story is starting to kick in now. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future episodes now that The Mandalorian and the child are targeted bounties.

Anyway, episode 3 of The Mandalorian may have been the best episode yet.

Hopefully the episodes that are to come are just as enjoyable. The Mandalorian could easily be one of my favorite TV shows of all time if it can keep up this momentum.

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