Teen Titans Season 6 Has Been Teased By New Movie

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Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is out now and has been receiving a lot of critical praise from professional reviewers and some fans alike.

Well there's more to the movie than meets the eye because we could see a potential revival for the original Teen Titans series.

As some fans know, Teen Titans season five ended with a lot of storylines left unresolved. Many years later and there was no mention of a series revival or reboot of any kind.

Well the new Teen Titans Go! To The Movies may be teasing a series revival of the original series if you managed to watch the post credits scene.

The post credit scene shows an animation of the original Teen Titans as they find a way "back" on being their former selves.

With Star Wars: The Clone Wars getting revived by Disney, Cartoon Network must also be listening to the fans by airing Teen Titans Season 6.

While no official announcements have been formally made yet, the post credits scene in the new movie highly suggests they are going to route with a new cartoon of the original series.

The creators of Teen Titans Go! previously hinted that they will revive the original series if this new movie does well at the Box Office.

The movie itself only cost $10 million to make so there's a strong chance it will be profitable rather quickly.

Anyway, hopefully an official announcement is made very soon for Teen Titans Season 6. Many people have been wanting to see the original series return for over a decade now!

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