Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Review/Recap: Frieza vs. The Assassins

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Frieza is back in Dragon Ball Super and he is as ruthless as ever.

Unlike other villains in Dragon Ball that have turned "good", Frieza is still an evil dude and let's nothing stand in his way.

Episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super could be one of the most violent episodes that the series has had to date thanks to Frieza's antics.

As you may have seen last week, Universe 4's Quitela and Universe 9's Sidra came up with a plan to erase Frieza from the Tournament of Power.

They sent lots of assassins to his location in hopes of killing him. If Frieza is dead, Universe 7 wil be disqualified and erased from the spot.

Well, nobody told Universe 9's assassins that Frieza is not a weakling. Thanks to all of the time he spent in Hell, Frieza was able to control his mental focus.

Goku thinks Frieza is losing stamina in his Golden Form, but Frieza tells him that he shouldn't worry. His mental focus allows him to be Golden for a very long time.

It goes without saying that all of the assassins that were sent are jobbers (losers). None of them are as strong as Frieza and he pretty much kills them all.

Goku is very annoyed that Frieza is killing everyone in lieu of just knocking them out. Frieza doesn't care as it's been a long time since he has been able to fight someone.

Goku has to fight some of the assassins too since they want to take Fortune Teller Baba hostage.

Goku takes the less brutal approach and knocks out the assassins instead. Goku is still pretty angry about the way Frieza handles his business.

The leader of the assassins approaches Frieza as he is talking with Goku. The leader was able to borrow some energy from Universe 9's Sidra called the "Energy of Destruction".

He feels this energy from a God of Destruction should be able to kill anyone.

The leader is quite smart because he pump fakes the blast and Frieza takes the bait. The leader then directs the energy to Frieza and it looks like Frieza is about to die.

However, Frieza was pretending to die and he manages to focus his energy so that he can control the "Energy of Destruction" for himself.

He kills off the leader with a death beam while holding the energy ball in his other hand. Frieza and Goku find out that this energy may have come from a God of Destruction.

Frieza then back-stabs Goku and blasts him with the Energy of Destruction.

Unlike Frieza, Goku is unable to escape the energy so easily. Frieza then grabs a messaging device from another assassin to make contact with Universe 9's Sidra and Roh.

Sidra and Roh are scared that Frieza knows of their plan to kill Universe 7. They are worried that Frieza is going to pimp to Zen-Oh about their plan. Frieza then comes up with a different plan instead.

He wants to join Universe 9's team if they promise to revive him. Sidra and Roh look at the rule book. It looks like there is not a rule that another Universe member can fight for another universe.

Still, Sidra and Roh are worried about Frieza because he is so heartless. They question if Frieza actually cares about anyone in Universe 7. Frieza doesn't care if Universe 7 is erased as all he cares about is his own survival.

This makes sense since Frieza's father and brother are already dead. There's not much left for him to do in Universe 7. Before they can make a bargain, Whis and Beerus arrive.

Beerus has to blow away the energy to let Goku free. It appears Frieza is staying on team Universe 7 for the time being.

It will be interesting if he decides to defect later on. Frieza hates Goku and mentally wanted to kill him while he was in Hell.

Goku and Frieza decide to have a warm-up match before they head off to the Tournament of Power. Frieza is Golden while Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue.

The match is short because they end up punching each other in the cheeks and are knocked out at the same time.

It looks like they have the same strength and power! The episode ends with Whis, Beerus, Goku and Frieza going to Bulma's house to meet the rest of Universe 7.

Episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super was awesome if you are a fan of Frieza. This episode had lots of violent action and the motivations of Frieza keeps the viewer guessing.

Frieza is no good guy as he can double cross anyone at any moment. A part of him still hates Goku.

This episode also tells us that Goku is too forgiving and still hasn't learnt his lesson of not letting his guard down.

Hopefully Goku is smarter in the Tournament of Power because he will get knocked outside of the ring if he doesn't watch his back!

Next week we finally get to see the Tournament of Power. The fighting doesn't start yet, although we do get to see some of the tough competition that Universe 7 has to face.

It appears Jiren is the fighter that everyone has to look out for. He could be the strongest person in the entire tournament!

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