Marvel's Black Panther Film Has The Potential To Break Some Box Office Records

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Hype is at fever pitch for Marvel's Black Panther movie that is coming out in two week's time. Thanks to the media's first reactions, this has caused demand for the film to increase by a big margin.

20th Century Fox's 2016 Deadpool movie currently holds the record for the biggest North American opening weekend in the month of February. The R rated flick managed earn an astounding $135 million two years ago.

With the way things are tracking, Marvel's Black Panther has the potential to hiss Deadpool away from the top February opening weekend slot.

This has been confirmed by ticket selling website Fandango as they say pre-sales for the film have been very high.

In a statement given (via Heroic Hollywood), Fandango's Managing Editor Erik Davis says Black Panther's pre-sale tickets are seller at a faster rate than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

To put that in perspective, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had an opening weekend of $166 million in March 2016.

Davis further commented the following: "The buzz on 'Black Panther' is electric. Early screening audiences say it is one of Marvel's best movies ever, and the positive word-of-mouth is helping drive the movie's spectacular advance ticket sales".

In related news, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Black Panther is selling faster than any comic book movie in history at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain.

It's safe to say the film will get a huge opening and the biggest in 2018 before Avengers: Infinity War comes out this May.

The movie opens in North America on February 16th, 2018. We'll make sure to write our own review for the movie once we get a chance to see it later this month.

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