Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Review/Recap: Goku Recruits Krillin And No. 18

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Dragon Ball Super episode 84 was on this week and it's a simple one with Goku still recruiting members to participate in the 'Tournament of Power'.

This time, Goku tries his best to convince Krillin and No. 18 to join the important tournament.

The episode starts off with a Krillin montage of doing his police work. Things start off comfortable, although Gohan and Goku are now in town.

They visit Krillin's house and both of them want him and No. 18 to join the Tournament of Power.

Krillin at first is hesitant to join, but No. 18 says he should sign up. Their house has a room full of gym gear that Krillin rarely uses anymore.

Goku convinces Krillin to join by stating the rules of the tournament. Unlike other tournaments, ring-outs are legal and no flying is permitted. Not to mention it's a Battle Royal where everyone is fighting at once.

Gohan says to Goku he's not allowed to tell them about the Universe ending if they lose. Goku then convinces No. 18 to join the tournament by saying there will be a lot of prize money given to the winning team.

He says they can win 10 million Zeni. He's not actually wrong since the winning team can have a wish with the Super Dragon Balls. Goku says their daughter Marron can stay at Bulma's house while they're gone.

Gohan is still not convinced that Krillin is strong enough for the tournament. As we saw in the previous episode, Gohan imagines that Krillin will get beaten easily.

They have a friendly fight at the sea with the same rules as the Tournament of Power. Rings outs a legal so there's a chance Krillin can win.

Goku is confident that Krillin can win as he has some tricks up his sleeve. Krillin doesn't disappoint because he uses a Solar Flare to blind Gohan.

Not only that, but he perfected the move so it blinds your opponent even though they are closing their eyes. He calls this move Solar Flare x 100. With Gohan blinded, Krillin knocks him into the water for the win.

Gohan apologizes to Krillin for doubting him. That being said, Goku now wants a match with Krillin too. They fight on top of a tower owned by Hercule.

The same rules apply here as ring-outs can occur and no flying is allowed.

Krillin shows off another cool technique to Goku as he creates a hole with his Destructo Disc. This is a helpful technique since people can fall inside the hole.

Goku then doesn't hold back and turns into Super Saiyan Blue. He fires off a Kamehameha wave and Krillin does his own Kamehemeha. Krillin holds his own, but is struggling. No. 18 interferes and helps out Krillin. No.

18 says this tournament isn't about power as teamwork is allowed. No. 18 and Krillin offer to fight Goku as a team.

Goku on the other hand decides to stop fighting. He thanks Krillin and No. 18 for making him realize that strength and power isn't all that's needed in this tournament.

Marron jokes to Goku that Krillin and No. 18 won the match. Goku then asks No. 18 where Android 17 is.

No. 18 says she talked with him on the phone and he's working at a wildlife reserve park.

Sadly, she doesn't know where in the world he works though. Goku then says Dende can find the information for him and that was the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 84.

Overall, this episode was not that important as Krillin and No. 18 were recruited in the first six minutes.

The rest of the episode was just Gohan and Goku sparring with Krillin.

I will say though that I love the rules of the tournament as it gives a chance for the weaker fighters to do well. If it was a traditional tournament, it would have been all about Vegeta and Goku again...

Anyway, next week is where Goku will try and find Android 17. They also show some of the other universes training too.

It will be interesting to see how powerful Jiren is. He is being advertised as the biggest threat of the entire tournament.

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