Early Aquaman Reactions Point Out It Will Be An Enjoyable Movie

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Warner Bros' DCEU has been pretty hit and miss as of late with only Wonder Woman being the universally loved movie.

However, it looks like Wonder Woman won't be alone at the top because the early reactions to the Aquaman movie have been positive so far.

As reported by Screen Rant, a very early screening of Aquaman has taken place earlier this month ahead of its December 20th, 2018 release date. One Reddit user named MaxBorne posted the following 'social media review'.

"I cannot confirm or deny that I've seen this movie but if I had I would probably say that it's certainly going to be their most well received movie yet. It's tone closely parallels Ant-man & The Wasp and Thor: Ragnarok and this movie will be liked by the biggest audience, although it will probably suffer from some criticism that it deviates heavily from the original tone of the DCEU to more closely resemble The MCU. But again I reiterate, this would only be my opinion if I had somehow already seen the movie in an advanced screening, which I am not saying I have done."

Others shared their thoughts of the movie on Twitter with most of them saying that Aquaman is an enjoyable movie with decent action and good CGI effects.

However, it sounds like the story could be one of the weaker parts of the movie.

Hopefully Aquaman turns out good since nobody wants it to have the same type of reception as last year's Justice League movie.

The movie will be out next month so we will have to wait and see how good it really is.

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