Disney Is To Now Officially Purchase A Majority Of 21st Century Fox For $52.4 Million

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The rumors of Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox (which includes 20th Century Fox) are true. Disney has enough money to spend a shattering $52.4 billion on this historic deal.

The announcement was made earlier today via a press release. Disney CEO Bob Iger will remain with Disney up until the year 2021 to oversee this transition to happen.

Disney now pretty much owns the film and TV rights to a lot of 20th Century Fox's properties. This means Marvel has got the rights again to the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four.

Despite Disney's family friendly image, Bob Iger mentioned that he would still love to see more Deadpool sequels in the future. This could mean the company could be a bit more lenient with other franchises in the near future.

Comic books are not the only things that Disney has acquired. Other famous franchises include Avatar, Alien and Predator just to name a few. The potential for crossover movies could be endless.

On the TV side, Disney now owns The Simpsons, Modern Family and lots of other shows.

I've been watching Fox's 'The Gifted' recently and it's great. It will be interesting to see if that show gets a crossover with Marvel's shows in the future.

The main thing that Disney did not acquire are the non entertainment aspects.

Fox News and the many Fox Sports channels are still owned by 21st Century Fox. However, they might have a new name so a lot of rebranding will have to take place.

Anyway, comic book movie fans receive a Christmas present early this year. Future announcements for movies are sure to excite fans all around the globe.

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