Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 10 Recap and Review: The Finale

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Tonight is the final episode of Samurai Jack on Toonami. This episode is set to resolve a decade of questions about Jack and Aku.

If you haven't watched all of the episodes, you can read the recaps of each one from the links below. You can also read the rumored theories about how the series would end below.

In the last episode of Samurai Jack, we saw Jack and Ashi begin the final battle against Aku.

Aku managed to gain control over Ashi, and turn her against Jack. Meanwhile, Aku took Jack's sword, putting Jack in an untenable position.

And now for tonight's finale...

Samurai Jack Finale Recap

The episode begins with one of the Scotsman's daughters running to get her father. (This was exactly as predicted in our rumors story.)

There is a montage of all of the groups that Samurai Jack has helped.

All are being told of what is happening, and they all turn on the TV to see Aku explain his story. Basically Aku recaps the series, and then tells everyone that he has captured the sword (and Jack).

Aku prepares to kill Jack. But he can't decide how he wants to kill Jack.

Jack begs for Ashi to hear him and help him; Ashi tries to fight herself -- and the dark spell that has come over her. Finally, Aku asks Ashi to kill Jack for him.

Ashi walks toward Jack and prepares to do the deed; as she prepares to stab Samurai Jack, there is a rumbling. The wall of the fortress is destroyed, and Jack's friends come to his aid.

As his friends cover him, Jack goes for his sword. But Ashi stops him and fights him. Meanwhile, Aku easily takes on the army of Jack's friends.

An epic war ensures, as one by one Jack's groups of friends go on the attack.

Finally, the Scotsman manages to stop Aku and Ashi with his music. In the midst of the fight, the Scotsman introduces his daughters to Jack.

Jack becomes engulfed by the black form that is Ashi. She tries to stop herself, but she can't. Aku then forms a giant ball that rains sharp needle-like pieces down on the earth, which stops his enemies in their tracks.

As Ashi is about to kill Jack, he tells her he loves her. That breaks the spell and turns her back.

Ashi tells Aku that he's not her father, and she begins to take him on. She has Aku's powers, and she grabs Jack's sword back for him. She then teleports them through a black and white wormhole.

We are taken back to the past, where Jack is about to beat Aku (this is how the series begins).

Aku teleports Jack away, but almost immediately, Jack and Ashi show up (having teleported from the future). Jack splits Aku apart, and destroys him with his sword.

Ashi says she felt Aku leave her, and she and Jack hug.

Peace and happiness return to the world, and Jack and Ashi prepare to marry in a giant celebration. However, as Ashi walks down the aisle, she faints.

She tells Jack that without Aku, she never existed -- and she disappears. Jack sheds a tear.

The last scene is of Jack riding a horse through the fog. He steps off the horse and sits alone.

A beetle sits down upon him, and hs smiles, setting it free. The sunlight shines upon Jack as he looks upon his world.

Samurai Jack Finale Review

The finale of Samurai Jack was a bit disappointing to us. There were 9 episodes before this one, and yet the entire final war was compressed into 20 minutes.

Instead of doing this, Toonami could have expanded this final episode. At least they would have been better served to make it an hour long. Instead, the episode felt extremely rushed.

The visual quality of the final scene was amazing....a hallmark of the series.

The general plot of the ending was excellent; unfortunately, the viewers don't really get a chance to feel the death of Ashi or Jack's pain and redemption, as they pass too quickly.

The last 4 minutes of the episode could easily have been an entire episode.

Nevertheless, the series in general was excellent, and we are happy to have gotten this season in order to have closure regarding our favorite Samurai. We will have a full review tomorrow.

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