Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Review/Recap: Goku And Android 17 Team Up

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Dragon Ball Super episode 87 is the second episode to feature Android 17.

This time around, Goku has to team up with Android 17 in order to beat up some alien poachers. It seems as if the horns of the Minotaurus is valuable all across the galaxy.

Before that happens, Dragon Ball Super episode 87 starts at the point where episode 86 left off. Goku was unsuccessful in convincing Android 17 in joining the Tournament of Power.

However, Goku does one last effort and says the winning team gets granted a wish from the Super Dragon Balls.

Goku tells 17 that the Super Dragon Balls are planet-sized and are more powerful than the Earth ones. This piques the interest of 17 slightly.

Before 17 can come up with an answer for Goku, an alien ship appears and starts beaming up all of the animals in the island.

Even though they are stealing all of the animals, their main target is the rare and elusive Minotaurus.

Goku and 17 hastily aboard the ship using Instant Transmission.

17 tells Goku not to go all-out because damaging the spaceship will cause it to crash and all of the animals will die. The pair easily take care of the henchmen while 17 seeks out their boss.

As 17 corners the boss, the alien boss sends more guards. Those guards are easily disposed of.

The alien boss then threatens both Goku and 17 as he has a remote control that will self destruct. The alien says he has a bomb in his body and it will explode everyone on board.

Before we find out what happens, a scenario plays out. We see the alien blow up the ship and both 17 and Goku die.

It turns out that the demise of both characters were a part of Beerus' dream.

Beerus feels this is a bad omen. Vegeta on the other hand hates the fact that Beerus chooses to live at Bulma's place like a hotel.

Back to reality and the alien boss is still threatening to blow himself up. 17 lunges over to grab the remote control, but Goku comes and uses Instant Transmission.

They all end up in King Kai's planet. This is the same planet that Goku traveled to when Cell tried to blow himself up too.

King Kai is scared, but Goku says it should be alright because he's already dead. Goku then gets a message from Dende and Dende says the alien was lying about blowing himself up.

He has no bomb in his body whatsoever. 17 urges the alien to press the remote control and out comes little sparkles and streamers. They were going to old a birthday party soon...

Anyway, the trio manage to go back to Earth to land the ship safely back to the island. All of the animals are let out and are back in the wild. As for the alien, his crew have all been arrested by Jaco. Android 17 confirms to Goku that he will join the Tournament of Power.

His main goal is to wish for a big cruise ship so he can take his family all over the world. Goku also tells him that No.

18 and his brother in law (Krillin) are also participating. There are now only 23 hours and 20 minutes until the tournament starts.

This episode was fun and it's great to see Goku teaming up with Android 17. Goku says 17 shouldn't feel out of place as a lot other former villains are on the good side now.

This includes Buu, Piccolo, Tien and of course Vegeta. The Dragon Ball family is getting bigger and bigger.

In terms of plot advancement, this episode didn't reveal too much. All we really needed to know is 17 accepting the invite to the tournament.

Trunks and Goten will take care of the island in his absence. Next week's episode of Dragon Ball Super will see Piccolo training Gohan for the tournament. Stay tuned next week for our recap and review!

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