A Fan Actually Creates A Petition For Marvel To Make A Second Season For Inhumans

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Marvel's Inhumans was one of the biggest TV show disappointments of 2017 receiving poor ratings and rotten reviews from pretty much everyone.

However, a die hard fan of the show has now created a petition urging Marvel to greenlight the series for a second season.

The petition was created on Change.org and the fan feels Marvel and ABC should try and improve on the series in the second season.

Some reasons for this person wanting the show to come back can be seen down below.

Instead, they should give the show another chance, maybe with a shorter run with a higher budget and maybe with a NEW SHOWRUNNER as some of the people who hated Iron Fist and Scott Buck just transferred that hate for him (maybe unconsciously) on this show as well and for the fact that he may, INDEED, not be the right person to handle the Inhuman mythos. Plus, we really deserve that cliffhanger to be resolved and properly explained in a soft reboot through season 2.

Even though I thought Inhumans was a horrible show, I admire this person's effort to try and save the series. Just be nice and don't contact them on Twitter saying hateful things.

So far the petition has received over 1000 signatures with an end goal of 1500 signatures. The petition is slowly gaining popularity so it's possible it will pass the number of signatures that it needs.

That said, Marvel and ABC have been awfully quiet regarding the future of the Inhumans TV show.

Even though the show has not been officially canceled yet, all signs predict that Inhumans will not return for a second season thanks to all the negative publicity the show received last year.

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