The Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Is Real

After so many years of rumors and speculation, it has now been revealed officially that the Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League movie turned out to be real.

Fans can finally watch the full cut of the film that wasn't released back in 2017.

Fans didn't like the Joss Whedon cut of Justice League because it cut a lot of original footage and he added more goof humor into the movie.

I also did not like Danny Elfman's unmemorable score as it would have been better if Hans Zimmer or Junkie XL did the music.

As now reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the Snyder cut of Justice League exists and it will be released for the HBO Max streaming service sometime in 2021.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done because the CGI and other scenes haven't been fully completed yet.

One source tells that the Snyder cut of the film could be as long as 4 hours and it could be released in parts or episodes.

Not to mention it has also been reported that Warner Bros is willing to spend an extra $20 to $30 million to make this cut a reality.

Warner Bros and HBO executives have seen a rough cut of the film way back February.

Snyder himself is happy to finally share his vision of the film after all these years it was kept in the dark to the public.

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