The Flash Season 4 Episode 2 Review/Recap: Introducing Kilg%re

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The Flash TV show introduced us to an interesting new villain called 'Kilg%re'.

The percentage sign is not a typo as that is the actual spelling for this tech savvy villain. 'Kilg%re' is on a rampage killing people he used to work with and The Flash team have to stop him.

The real identity of Kilg%re is Ramsey Deacon. He basically created a great new piece of technology called Kilg%re, but his teammates stole the idea from him.

His teammates got rich off his own idea, so he's out for revenge. He has become a metahuman and can manipulate anything with technology with it.

Kilg%re is an interesting villain with a backstory that actually made me feel sorry for him. It appears as if this episode took a page out of The Social Network movie.

The tech world can be an evil industry if your friends stab you in the back and get rich without you. Anyway, he goes out to try and kill his old mates due to their betrayal.

Normally a hacker type villain would be easy to defeat, but Cisco made a big mistake in this episode. The Flash has a new suit with lots of technology built inside of it.

The suit is similar to the one that Tony Stark created for Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The suit has a lot of gadgets and other cool things.

Unfortunately, the Kilg%re hacks the suit and Barry is in trouble. What I don't like about this episode is how Wally West is treated.

He gets knocked out pretty early in the fight and doesn't do much. I hope he has a bigger role in the episodes to come because he hasn't done much in Season 4.

Anyway, Barry manages to short circuit the suit with a lightning bolt and they manage to apprehend Kilg%re.

It was an interesting episode with a unique villain, although some of the episode focused too much on the side stories.

We do get a tease at the end that The Thinker is behind the rise of Kilg%re since he has somehow created meta-humans of his own.

The side stories are two romance sub-plots. Barry and Iris go to couples therapy to iron out their differences. At first these scenes were humorous, but things get dramatic.

This is because Iris is still angry that Barry decided to leave her to go inside the Speed Force.

Again, this is great writing as I feel sorry for Iris too. Barry kind of acted like Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) and left his loved ones behind.

Another side story is just furthering the relationship between Gypsy and Cisco. These two make a cute couple and they have great chemistry together.

Although I was hoping Gypsy would have been used to help arrest Kilg%re. She didn't do much, but hopefully the team needs her when they go up against tougher villains.

I admire the slow burn of Season 4 so far. The Flash and his team do not even know who the main villain is. Not to mention we as an audience don't know the true intentions of The Thinker.

If this keeps up, Season 4 could be more entertaining that Season 3.

Savitar in my opinion was not a strong villain since he was absent for most of the time. At least The Thinker is plotting plans to potentially take over the world.

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