'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 9 Recap: The End of the Journey -- Who Proposes?

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Tonight is the 9th episode of The Spouse House. The last episode is this week, plus (probably) a tell all.

'The Spouse House' TLC Scott and Tracy

This episode begins with Scott and Tracy going to Scott's house. Scott has already met Tracy's family, and they liked him. Now he needs his parents' approval.

Scott's mom is confused by the whole process, and the exploratory marriage. She says, "obviously you don't love each other" yet...but Tracy disagrees. But Scott's mom says she doesn't think this whole thing is right or going to work.

After the disaster at Scott's house, he and Tracy discuss what to do next.

At the engagement ceremony, Scott gets up first. He talks for a while, before saying that he's 100% an engagement is not supposed to happen tonight. "Tonight is not our night." Tracy is hurt, but Scott says he's just not ready.

After the show, Scott says he's never had real feelings for Tracy. He says she's not the right one.

'The Spouse House' TLC Tom and Michelle

Tom is taking Michelle to Vegas for a friend's wedding. Tom keeps talking about his "power couple" BS.

They discuss their wedding plans -- and they're as douchey as Tom. Michelle apparently always gets cheated on, so she thinks Tom will cheat on her. But she still wants to get married.

At the engagement ceremony, Tom gets up last. He talks about how he feels comfortable with Michelle, but he starts talking about Ashley Lauren.

Tom sits back down and Michelle starts crying. They have a passive-aggressive discussion. It's unclear if Tom was going to propose -- he says he was ready, but he ends up not doing so.

'The Spouse House' TLC Darren and Isabella

Darren and Isabella just came off a big fight, and now they're laying down on the ground looking at the stars. They've had a lot of fights, but right now they're "in a good place" according to Darren.

At the engagement ceremony, Darren gets up second, and he tells Isabella that she's made him a better man. He said he's never been this happy; but he's not ready to get married yet either.

Isabella responds that she's not happy about this...Isabella says she loves Darren and deserves better.

'The Spouse House' TLC Mike and Ashley

Mike and Ashley didn't know each other at all before the exploratory marriage. Ashley doesn't want to sleep in the same bed as Mike on the first night.

And the two of them don't seem to be getting along that great either.

At the engagement ceremony, Mike looks like a dear in headlights. He and Ashley have no intention of getting married; they plan to leave the house single.

The night ends with no engagement, and it's time for goodbyes.

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