Seth Rogen Talks 'Sausage Party' and More On the Howard Stern Show

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As one of the most frequent guests on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show as of lately, Seth Rogen is probably one of the biggest fan favorites.

He recently stopped by the show to chat about his upcoming film, Sausage Party and much more.

Stern began the interview by commenting about Rogen's weight and asked him if he's thin again. Rogen's response was that if he doesn't eat well and exercise, he doesn't feel good at all.

Stern said Rogen is only 34-years-old, however, Rogen said his dad told him that he started to fall apart at age 35.

They then broke into talk about a Twitter account that was posting the same photo of him with his shirt off every day, one of the most memorable lines from the interview was when Rogen stated that if he was murdered, the person behind the page would probably be the one who did it.

It didn't take long for them to discuss the R-rated animated film, Sausage Party.

"Howard said when he heard about this movie and he's very proud of him for making an R-rated movie. Howard said he heard there's an incredible sex scene in it.

Howard said it's about what deli meats would do in a house," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Howard said there was a sex orgy that lasted like 8 minutes. Seth said it was an all out free for all.

Howard said when they went to the MPAA they had a debate about if it should be an X-rated film or not.

Howard said it's deli meats so they figured it can't be X-rated. Seth said he wishes he could have been there for that debate."

As for the nudity of the products in the film, Rogen told Stern and the listeners that there's a Pita bread with testicles.

Rogen also said that they got an NC-17 rather at one point but it clearly did not last long.

The movie was a product of a dinner that he and Jonah Hill had together. The title Sausage Party was initially a joke but ended up as the official title for the film.

Meanwhile, Stern believes that the film could be a stoner classic. During the interview Rogen also visited the famous North Korea hack and also chatted about the negativity between him and Katherine Heigl after the making of Knocked Up.

It was a pretty entertaining and lively interview between Stern and Seth Rogen. You can stream some of the best clips from the interview in the audio below.

Seth Rogen Interview Clips From the Stern Show