'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Jorge and Anfisa Are Baaaaack

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Tonight was the first episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5, which is basically a version of Happily Ever After.

In this season we will see Jorge and Anfisa, Loren and Alexei, and Mohamed and Danielle -- as well as a bunch of couples you don't remember.

Unfortunately, Nicole and Azan aren't in this season, although we have all the updates on what happens to them here.

So here we go:

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

This episode begins with Jorge complaining that Anfisa doesn't have a job. Even though TLC has consistently promoted Jorge as some sort of young millionaire, with a several hundred thousand dollar car, he doesn't seem to be making enough for the two of them to move out of their little apartment.

You can read our expose on Jorge's wealth (or lack thereof) here.Anfisa also talks about how she would never cook for Jorge. She prefers to go out to restaurants.

Jorge talks about how he's continuing to grow his medical marijuana business. He also revisits all of the things he learned about Anfisa that he didn't know before. For instance, the fact that she's controlling and would break his phones and key his car. Anfisa says she started talking to Jorge online because he told her he was rich but so far, she feels he hasn't delivered on his promises.

Anfisa can't drive or work because she doesn't have a green card yet. But her interview is coming up for this.

Jorge says that he's cut ties with his family and friends to be married to Anfisa, but despite this, everyday that they've been married for 6 months, she's threatened to leave him.

Anfisa tells the camera proudly, "I hate being married to Jorge."

Jorge says his family has been worried about what Anfisa will do whens he gets her greencard. Anfisa herself says about getting her greencard, "I'll be free."

Next, Jorge and Anfisa go house shopping. If course, Anfisa wants to see places that are out of their price range.

Jorge says he doesn't want to spend more than $5000 per month and the home that they see is $7,800 per month.

Anfisa feels confused about why Jorge can't afford the home. Jorge feels worried since he hasn't told Anfisa everything about his financial situation.

Later, Anfisa goes shopping with Miranda, whom Anfisa met when she went ring shopping. Anfisa says she's not sure what's going to happen when she gets her greencard. The reality is, she feels that Jorge lied to her.

When Jorge goes to pick up Anfisa, he asks her how much she spent since he didn't make much money that day. Jorge decides to come clean with Anfisa and tells her that he isn't a millionaire and is actually in debt.

Anfisa feels betrayed by Jorge and believes he lied to her completely. Jorge doesn't understand why Anfisa can't adapt to his life but Anfisa tells Jorge she has no intention of "adapting" to him.

Jorge insists that he used to have tons of money, but he lost the money because he spent too much time with Anfisa, and slacked off with his business. We'll look into that later.

He tells her that he's $30,000 in debt. Anfisa wants a post-nuptial agreement.

The episode ends with Anfisa walking out on Jorge.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro talk about how they've been doing since they got married. Apparently, Chantel's cooking has gotten better. Pedro got his greencard and is working as a dishwasher and a in a warehouse. Chantel is also working and going to school at the same time.

Chantel feels that she and Pedro don't spend enough time with her family. Pedro doesn't feel comfortable with Chantel's parents and recognizes the impact that Chantel's lies had on him.

So, Chantel has the idea of arranging a wedding in the Dominican Republic to bring her family together with Pedro's family.

90 Day Fiance: Loren and Alexei

Loren and Alexei are fresh off of their wedding in Israel. They decide to meet with Loren's parents for lunch. Loren says she's been having a hard time finding a job.

She wishes that she'd moved Alexei to New York.

However, Alexei is happy to remain in Florida and feels that she's being a little selfish since he was the one that moved for her already.

Loren says that she hasn't seen Sarah in about a year too and wants to spend a weekend with her in New York.

Loren has a chance to talk to Sarah and plan out a trip to New York. She also admits that there's something about her bachelor party that Alexei doesn't know and wants to come clean about it.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle recounts the history of her relationship with Mohamed. Danielle says she filed for a divorce instead of an annulment so that Mohamed could stay in America.

But, more recently, Danielle has decided to move on.

She says she's going back to college, looking for a new home for her and her daughters, and says she wants to show Mohamed that he can't treat her the way that he has.

She feels good about her life given that she also has a new boyfriend.

Mohamed says that after Danielle found his address he knew he'd have to leave Miami. So Mohamed says he moved to Port Richey and has been working as a driver.

In a dramatic scene, Mohamed is served papers for annulment. Mohamed knows that if the annulment goes through, he could get divorced. So he calls Danielle but she says that she isn't going to take back the annulment this time.

Danielle feels proud of the fact that she'll be able to buy her own place, a trailer home.

Meanwhile, Mohamed has to return to Ohio to talk to his lawyer and hopefully, meet with Danielle to convince her to pull the annulment. Unfortunately, Mohamed gets caught on the highway with no gas and calls Danielle for help.

Shockingly, Danielle sets a boundary and doesn't do anything for him.

Mohamed tells his lawyer about the annulment, who lets him know that this would result in his deportation if Mohamed's intention was just to get a green card.

Mohamed learns from the lawyer that he is liable to be deported, so he decides to try to manipulate Danielle again.

90 Day Fiance: Paola and Russ

Paola discusses the fact that she's living in Miami while Russ has remained in Oklahoma. Russ talks about how hard it was on him when Paola left, leaving him with a sense of emptiness.

Still, Russ does want to sell his home and move down to be with Paola. Meanwhile, Paola is enjoy herself with her friends and trying to work as hard as possible on her career.

Paola meets with her agent who tells her that the competition is stiff in Miami and she needs to go to blonde.

She also tells her it may be wise to have a part-time job to make ends meet. Paola admits that she feels concerned about what she's told since she expected more.

Still, Paola decides to go to a salon and dye her hair blonde. It winds up costing her $450 but she's thrilled with the results.

Paola meets up with Juan and his boyfriend. Juan is a good friend of hers from childhood. Paola talks about how she felt depressed in Oklahoma.

Apparently, Juan doesn't like Russ and says that just hearing him speak makes him sleepy. Paola finds out that friends in Colombia talk about how she and Russ simply don't fit together.

Paola calls Russ and surprises him with her hair but also comes clean about the fact that her agent tells her she needs two jobs.

Russ looks disappointed but most of all, talks about how he misses Paola and wants to be with her in Miami.

This is a live recap...it's being updated as the show goes on...

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