'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Azan Tells Nicole She's Fat Again

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Tonight was tepisode 4 of 90 day fiance and we couldn't wait to see what went wrong next for these trainwreck couples. Read on to find out what happeend.

Nicole and Azan

When we last saw Azan, he was getting upset about Nicole "yelling" at him. Nicole is quite clear on wanting Azan to treat her the way that she'd want another man to treat May.

Nicole and Azan have dinner at the hotel where they're staying. Nicole feels concerned about Azan's ability to parent. Nicole makes it clear to Azan that they should discuss issues with May rather than his deciding things on his own. Azan then starts to criticize how Nicole feeds May.

He feels May should be eating healthy foods rather than french fries. Azan then brings up Nicole making lifestyle changes to lose weight.

Nicole had been working out but she stopped because it was tough to keep going. Azan feels Nicole didn't keep her promise.

Luis and Molly

Luis has never had a daughter before and talks about how he's looking forward to it. When they get home, Luis is impressed.

Luis remarks on how the power is always on and Molly's home has 3 bathrooms. Luis tells Kensley that he'll be sleeping

Meanwhile, Olivia is reluctant to to talk to Luis, which makes Luis think she's sassy.

The next morning, Molly makes breakfast but Olivia doesn't show up. Luis quickly gets the sense that Olivia doesn't like him.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth notices that Andrei's K1 visa has been on hold for some time so Elizabeth meets with an immigration lawyer to figure out what might have been going on.

She learns that Andrei did overstay in the US on a tourist visa. She also finds out that if Andrei was ever arrested, this too could be an impediment to getting his visa.

Elizabeth gets ready to fly to Dublin, which she's excited about but she doesn't have a guarantee that Andrei will be able to come to the US.

David and Evelyn

David decides he wants to get a sense of Claremont and Evelyn drives him around to explore the area. But, from the get-go, it's clear to David that Claremont is not the place he wants to live with Evelyn. Evelyn, however, wants to remain in Claremont as long as possible.

Evelyn also tells David about Mikayla's reservations about him which David thinks is ridiculous, given that he's from Spain.

The conversation then turns to David's friends wearing tuxedos, which Evelyn wants them to do. David and Evelyn experience their first argument.

Annie and David

David visits Annie's family, who are waiting for him since they're expecting a large dowry from him. David can only offer enough Thai Baht to equate $1500.

Still, Annie's family plans to make the marriage worth their while because they ask David for $15,000 and 2 buffalo.

However, Annie are willing to accept $1500 for now. Still, Annie's parents do expect the water buffalos which means that David needs to go shopping for these.

David and Annie go to a water buffalo shop -- yeah, that -- in order to find two buffalo. It turns out that each buffalo is about $2500...which David clearly doesn't have.

They find a cheaper set, at around $1500. He manages to buy them, but he use up the last of his money, which he had planned to use to get home.

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