Early Prediction Made For Pacific Rim Uprising's Box Office Weekend Potential

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The original Pacific Rim movie released in 2013 was not a huge success in North America, but it managed to gross enough money Internationally to warrant a sequel.

The first predictions have been made for the Box Office potential for Pacific Rim Uprising and sadly it's expected the sequel will still not be a huge success in North America according to early analysis.

Box Office Pro has now made a prediction on how much money Pacific Rim Uprising could attain.

Despite starring Star Wars' John Boyega in the main role, the North American gross for the sequel could be much lower than the 2013 original.

Anyway, the website predicts Uprising will only get a $20 million opening weekend in North America with an overall domestic gross of only $49 million.

This is low compared to the over $37 million opening weekend of Pacific Rim with a final domestic gross of over $101 million.

The main reason Box Office Pro's prediction is so low is thanks to the release date of Pacific Rim Uprising. The film is released in between Tomb Raider and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One.

All three films kind of attract a similar audience so one of them will have to suffer for it.

This happened last year when War for the Planet of the Apes did not gross as much as its predecessors thanks to the film being released in the middle of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.

I feel movie studios should spread out big blockbusters more throughout the entire year.

It seems as if there are long periods of no movies to watch, and then there's a time where they all get released at the same time!

That said, North America will not be Pacific Rim Uprising's main target audience. The movie is expected to do much better in Asia as Chinese and Japanese people love watching films about large robots fighting things.

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