Jim Carrey Heartbroken Over Cathriona White’s Unexpected Suicide.

Actor, Jim Carrey, released a statement yesterday declaring his deeply felt sadness and shock regarding the passing of his on again, off again girlfriend of the last three years, Cathriona White.

White is reported to have taken her own life for reasons as yet unknown. The loss has left Carrey with only memories and photographs.

Carrey posted some of the picturesque snapshots of White's work as an amateur photographer to his Twitter, showcasing her talent and showing the world that they have lost a uniquely special person.

White began dating Carrey in 2012 but reports indicate that the two had split several times throughout the course of the last three years, the most recent occasion being this past Thursday, September 24.

Some speculation exists with regard to the break up having contributed to White's decision to take her own life and reports have surfaced that the young woman had left a note addressed to, or mentioning, Carrey by name. White was a 28 year old professional working in the film industry as a cosmetology specialist.

White had been involved with such notable works as the 2015 film Divergent and had applied make-ups for such celebrities as David Hasselhoff and Sleepy Hollow actress Lyndie Greenwood.

Some of White's co-workers described her as sweet, cheerful and a very nice person to work with.

"Cat was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled," said Carrey in response to the tragedy.

While Carrey, along with friends and family, mourn the loss of this young woman, those others she touched in life will remember her as a person that left a trail of smiles in her wake and found beauty in all things.

White's professional and amateur work can be found on her Instagram page.

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