'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Premiere, Episode 1: Nicole and Azan's Shocking Return to TV

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Tonight was episode 1 of 90 Day Fiance season 5 and Nicole and Azan finally made their return to TV - did their relationship go caput in the first episode. Find out for yourself below:


90 Day Fiance Season 5 Episode 1: Molly and Luis

Molly is a mom of 2 by different fathers and talks about how she didn't think that marriage was for her. But she met someone on a girl's trip to the Domincan Republic. There she met Luis. He proposed to her on her last trip.

Molly is close to Olivia her first daughter. However, Olivia is upset about the idea of her mother's fiance moving into the house without her even having met him.

Olivia feels that her mother has already picked Luis over her. Olivia breaks down and fights with her mother and tells her off camera that she doesn't want Luis to come.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Episode 1: Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth has a dog and is from a big family. She's the youngest of the brood. Her family always picks on her. Elizabeth feels that she's a rebel. Elizabeth never connected with an American.

Currently, Elizabeth works as a property manager for her father. She's saving money so that she can bring her husband Andrei from Moldova. She met him when she was on a trip to Eastern Europe.

Elizabeth acknowledges that people can find Andrei intimidating and identifies him as a consummate alpha male. Still, Elizabeth feels that Andrei treats her better than any other man. However, Elizabeth is concerned that Andrei will clash with her father.

Elizabeth goes out with her family and isn't looking forward to it given that several people in her family don't like him. Elizabeth's brother thinks that Elizabeth believes the relationship won't work out.

Elizabeth tells everyone that she's tired of defending Andrei from her family.

Elizabeth's dad in particular is against the relationship. Elizabeth's dad is worried that he'll wind up supporting Andrei and that Andrei is just using Elizabeth to get into America.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Episode 1: Nicole and Azan

Nicole is a single mom to Mae and as we all know, she met Azan for the first time in Morocco 7 months ago. Azan was surprised to find out that Nicole was overweight. When Nicole left Morocco she thought it might be the last time she saw Azan. Although many people questioned her relationship, Nicole is insistent that Azan is the love of her life.

Since the last time we saw her, Nicole has been trying to get her parents to sponsor her so that Azan can get a K1 visa. But Nicole's parents have not wanted to sponsor her but her father and step-mother do come around.

Still, they both ask if Azan might be using Nicole which she refuses to acknowledge.

Nicole's parents ask her to get a good job and don't want her to live with Azan when he comes to America before she marries him.

Nicole is planning a trip back to Morocco and she's going to be staying with him for 2 months. This time Mae is going with Nicole.

Nicole announces to her mother that she her dad and step-mother decided to sponsor Azan.

Nicole's mother believes that Nicole doesn't understand the word "no." Despite the fact that they're sponsoring Azan, Nicole's father and step-mother are concerned about sponsoring Azan. Nicole feels that her parents need to trust her.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Episode 1: David and Annie

David is someone who used to be obese, was divorced by his wife and then had a stroke. His life was a mess. Three years later, however, David lost weight and too a trip to Thailand. That's where he met Annie. Annie is 24 years old and much younger than David, given he's 48 years old.

Annie is from a very poor village and had gone to Bangkok seeking her fortune. Annie notes that David isn't handsome and she doesn't love him 100 percent but she does feel he has a big heart. Annie has always wanted to go America.

David and Annie applied for a K1 visa but they can't leave the country unless David gets Annie's family's permission.

To get their permission, David has to pay Annie's parents a dowry. He offers Annie's family 50,000 Baht ($1500) but Annie's not sure if her parents will accept this amount.

David's best friend, Chris travels to Thailand to meet Annie. His friend's girlfriend notes that she wasn't surprised to hear that David was marrying Annie since apparently, he's wanted to marry evey woman he's dated.

David's friends are surprised to find out about the issue of the dowry payments.

David says the dowry is like "buying a wife." Chris has lent David money for his wedding expenses. Chris doesn't believe that Annie is in the relationship for the money since David doesn't have any money.

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