'90 Day Fiance' Anfisa and Jorge Shocker: Anfisa A Porn Star?

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If you read our in-depth coverage, you know that season 4 of TLC's 90 Day Fiance was one of the most drama packed seasons yet -- with the featured couples all seeming highly unlikely to make it down the aisle.

Nevertheless, most of them did, including the highly controversial couple Jorge and Anfisa.

Jorge and Anfisa Shocker: Porn Star?

Jorge and Anfisa always seemed extremely questionable, for a variety of different reasons (Jorge wasn't even his real name -- more here).

But what most perplexing about their relationship was not only the way they behaved on the last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Season 4 but also their antics during the reunion of all of the couples.

If there's one thing that was clear about Anfisa and Jorge's relationship, it's that very little has been keeping them together.

Now, there's a shocking new allegation about Anfisa.

According to Stevie Ryan, a podcaster who appears to have sat down with Jorge, the couple didn't meet on Facebook as they originally said.

Instead, Ryan says that Anfisa met Jorge on a cam girl site. And it looks like there's a video of Anfisa's "performance" on Pornhub.

Here's what Ryan posted:

So is the video authentic? Did Anfisa and Jorge really meet via cam girl site? We found the video ourselves online (we're not going to link to it here, but you can search it pretty easily), and it sure looks like Anfisa...although we're no experts at identifying fakes.

Ryan posted further evidence that she talked to Jorge:

Still, some of the details don't quite match up. It looks like the video that Anfisa had posted was only uploaded 4 months ago.

But we know that Anfisa and Jorge met well before that. It's unclear who posted the video, although it purports to have been posted by Anfisa herself.

Stay turned for our reviews and recap of the new seasons of 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, coming up in just a few weeks.

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