Adult Swim Plays April Fools Joke: Where Are Samurai Jack, Family Guy, Dragonball?

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Tonight was supposed to be the fourth episode of the final season of Samurai Jack on Adult Swim.

In this episode, Jack was supposed to partner with an assassin in order to defeat an enemy...but instead of seeing Samurai Jack, something else turned up...

At the end of last week's episode 3, which we've recapped here, we were left wondering what would become of Jack.

The episode ended with Jack fighting the Daughters of Aku and being cornered on the limb of a tree.

He's able to knock each of the Daughters off the edge, but in the process he manages to fall from the tree as well.

The episode ended with Jack falling into an abyss -- and we have no idea what will happen.

That was supposed to change tonight...but as an April Fool's joke, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network instead played the same episode of Rick and Morty back to back for several hours.

Adult Swim acknowledged that it was an April Fools joke in a tweet response:

Check out this clip from Episode 4 of Samurai Jack below:

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