Bobo Is Banned From Calling The Howard Stern Show

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One of Howard Stern's regular callers Bobo has been placed on a temporary ban for "selling out" Stern during their discussion on the SiriusXM Radio show on June 29.

Stern took a call from Bobo who that started out pretty normal until talk began surrounding Bobo's call with "General Hospital." Bobo gave Stern some details about the show according to MarksFriggin, while also stating that he might be featured on the show.

"Howard said he's wise to Bobo. He said this is why this is his last call to the show," reported MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he realized what a sell out he is. Howard said he had his team call Bobo and pretend that they're from General Hospital."

It all appeared to be a prank to see whether or not Bobo would sell Stern out and Stern said that he did.

Stern also told Bobo that he should have asked him before agreeing to anything with the fake "General Hospital" role.

"Bobo admitted that he was looking to get a part. Howard said he used the show. Bobo said he did use it in a way he shouldn't have.

Howard said he's no longer a number 1 fan. Howard said he has to stop saying he didn't mean to do it. Howard said he stole from the show," according to the overview.

Bobo was banned for 15 shows which mens his next return should be sometime in September.

Ralph, Sal Governale and Fred all weighed in on the decision to ban Bobo who is also banned from calling in onto any other show on the channel.

Stern has also denied Shuli from checking in on Bobo who is also a member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack.

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