The Rock's Father, Rocky Johnson, Sadly Passes Away

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The wrestling community is in mourning this week as we've all learned the passing of Rocky Johnson. Some people may know him best to be the father of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. announced Rocky Johnson's passing earlier today. While no cause of death has been revealed yet, it's possible he died from an illness. After all, the man reached the age of 75 years old.

Rocky Johnson was first famous in the wrestling scene in the '60s when he worked for the NWA. It wasn't until 1983 did he make his break in the WWF (now WWE) and he became a bigger star than he ever was.

It was in 1983 that Rocky Johnson teamed up with Tony Atlas to defeat The Wild Samoans to become the first African American tag-team champions in wrestling! This paved the way for other African Americans in the wrestling industry including Johnson's own son.

Johnson initially didn't want his son to join wrestling, but The Rock was broke at the time after failing to become a big football star.

Once The Rock was trained to be a wrestler, his career skyrocketed and it would not have been possible without his helpful dad.

Rocky Johnson retired from wrestling in 1991 and in 2008, he got the honor of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Rock inducted both his father and grandfather that year.

It's a little bit sad Rocky Johnson passed away before The Rock got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Nevertheless, he got to see his own son become the biggest actor in Hollywood before his passing!

Rocky Johnson may have left us, but his famous legacy will live on forever.

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