First Trailer Revealed For Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Some exciting news has come our way today as the first trailer for the anime version of Dragon Ball Heroes has been released. This new trailer takes a look at the first episode which will be airing in July.

The ever reliable Herms98 from Twitter has translated what the trailer says in English. You can read the subtitles for the trailer posted down below.

Dangerous prisoners are gathered together on the Prison Planet.

Evil Saiyan: "Fight with Me!"

Goku and company stand against an approaching menace.

Vegeta: "Is this a Saiyan? I've never felt such an evil Ki before! What's wrong Kakarot?!"

New Dragon Balls

Fu: "The most interesting experiment in the universe finally enters its main phase!"

Vegetto: "Cucumber! The fight's on!"

Goku: "Don't miss it!"

Prison Planet arc promotion anime starts streaming July 1st, 2018.

Remember this is just a promotional anime to hype up the Dragon Ball Heroes game that is playable in Japan.

What you see here is not related to the main story of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super.You can look at the new trailer for yourself down below.

We will also be reviewing the anime this July so stay tuned for all our coverage.

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