'Suicide Squad' Star Cara Delevingne Talks Suicide Squad and More on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Whether it's giving haircuts or being a part of a team of super villains, Cara Delevingne knows how to get the job done.

She recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about the Suicide Squad film, her bacon tattoo and deliver a pretty serious haircut.

Interestingly enough, Delevingne and Guillermo set out on the streets to give haircuts to pedestrians as a part of having summer fun. Some of the haircuts were pretty outlandish and the comedic relief is almost unmatched.

Guillermo was all alone for the first haircut but Delevingne seemed to have the better hands for hairstyle for the second haircut.

During her interview with Kimmel, Delevingne chatted about her tattoos. The one tattoo that attracted Kimmel the most was her "Bacon..." tattoo on the bottom of her foot.

Delevingne said it was an open statement and you can take it however you want to take it. She did say that she was trying to become a vegetarian so she might have it changed to veggie bacon.

Kimmel was able to see the Suicide Squad film before Delevingne and wanted to know how it must feel to watch yourself on film with super powers.

Delevingne said it was really weird and she didn't know anyone that was in the cast but now they talk everyday on a Suicide Squad text thread called Suicide Squad For Life.

You can check out videos from Cara Delevingne's Jimmy Kimmel Live visit below and catch her in Suicide Squad on August 5.

Watch Guillermo and Cara Delevingne Give Summer Haircuts

Cara Delevingne On Her Bacon Tattoo

Cara Delevingne Tells Jimmy Kimmel About the Suicide Squad Text Thread

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