A Netflix Beyond Good & Evil Movie Is In The Works

Aside from an animated series based on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, it seems Ubisoft has more projects planned with Netflix. Now it has been reported the game Beyond Good & Evil is getting its own Netflix movie!

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the Netflix movie version of Beyond Good & Evil will be directed by Rob Letterman. This is the same man that directed and wrote the popular Detective Pikachu movie from 2019.

Much like Detective Pikachu, the Beyond Good & Evil movie will be a hybrid live action and animated movie. There's no details yet if it will be CGI or 2D animation, but hopefully the end product looks good.

Since the movie is still early in the development stages, Netflix and Ubisoft are still recruiting writers for the script. If this movie is to be successful with fans, hopefully the writers chosen are familiar with the original 2003 video game.

Beyond Good & Evil was a great game, but sadly it didn't sell as many copies as Ubisoft had hoped. Because of low sales, the planned trilogy for the game was canceled.

Despite this, the original game garnered a cult following and Ubisoft has finally announced a prequel game to be released in the near future.

That being said, the prequel game is still in development and no release date window has been announced yet.

It will be interesting to see if even more Ubisoft games are turned into movies or TV shows on Netflix. The studio has a lot of IPs that could have interesting stories.

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