Hilarious Kid Surfer Sabre Returns To The Ellen Show

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As if her first appearance wasn't hilarious enough, 12-year-old Sabre Norris returned to The Ellen Show and brought more of the incredible excitement as she shared moments from her Las Vegas trip.

DeGeneres rolled footage from Sabre's first visit to the show and prefaced it by saying Sabre left quite the first impression on her.

The host welcomed Sabre back to the show and the young surfer said DeGeneres was a legend for letting her go to Vegas.

She was very enthusiastic about going to Vegas for the buffet and also said when she's DeGeneres' friend, everyone treats her like a princess.

The buffet was better than Sabre would have thought and she has an actual plan when she goes to them. Sabre compared the buffet challenge to gambling.

In her mind, winning at the buffet is eating more food than the price you're paying. She loves winning and from the clips that played in the background she definitely won.

Meanwhile, Sabre took some time out to retract her statement in which she said "swimming sucks." Her reasoning was it wasn't in the best interest of her dad's business and she doesn't want to give their house back to the bank.

There are plenty more gems from Sabre's visit and you can check them all out in The Ellen Show video below.

Hilarious Kid Surfer Sabre Returns To The Ellen Show