'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 3 Recap: Amy Gets Her Flirt On

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Tonight was episode 3 of Little People, Big World and we got to see more of Amy's foray into dating. The episode opens with Amy hanging out with her friend on her porch and telling her about her night out with Bob.

Amy had a great time with Bob but is hesitant to give him a follow up call. Amy gives her friend the go-ahead to set her up with some people.

Meanwhile, Jeremy talks to Matt about a solution that might help Matt keep an eye on the farm while he's out of commission from work due to his medical issues.

They decide to set up a camera system, which gives Matt a lot of comfort.

Jeremy and Audrey and Zach and Tori get together to have dinner.

They talk about how Matt is doing and whether they should set up a game night to spend time together and invite Amy and Matt. They recognize it might be a little awkward but think it's a good idea.

Amy herself visits Matt to discuss business around the farm. Amy feels uncomfortable with an extensive security system around the farm.

She doesn't want to feel spied on. Amy also doesn't feel that they have enough security problems to warrant the camera system.

Zach and Tori head over to the farm to invite Amy to their game night with Matt. Amy talks about how being in the double wide makes her cringe.

Jeremy helps his father install cameras around the farm before he and Audrey head back to Bend. Then they head over to a game night with the family.

Amy makes the decision to join them.

The whole family enjoys horsing around together but then Matt goes into his room and shuts the door.

Matt says that he was expecting to spend time with the kids alone but once he says everyone having fun he's able to join in too.

Next, Amy starts to plan her party and has to tell Matt about the event. While she's walking around the farm she sees the camera and asks Matt about these. Matt reassures her and tells her that there's nothing on the house.

Amy also has trouble talking to Zach about the party she's having. Amy's friends come over to help her get ready for the party.

Amy feels that the party is going really well. Chris asks Amy if she's be interested in going out on a bike ride and she immediately agrees.

Meanwhile, Matt gets the cases of salsa packed up and sent to their distributor.

Finally, Zach has a chance to talk to his mom about whether she's dating. Zach discusses the difficulty of seeing his mother being single again.

So, will Amy actually go out on her date? We'll find out next week.

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