Review: Ready Player One Is A Fun Thrilling Ride

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Steven Spielberg has directed Ready Player One and it's one of the director's most enjoyable films in over a decade. The CGI effects are wonderful to look at while the story has many feel good moments. 

The premise of Ready Player One is that it takes place in the year 2045 and most of humanity is living life virtually inside the OASIS. The OASIS is like a virtual reality style Utopia where everyone can live out their dreams and become who they want to be. 

The OASIS is a nice escape from reality because the real world has become a slum and isn't as nice as it used to be.

The main character named Wade Watts is an orphan and he lives with his Aunt in one of the slums. He usually goes inside the OASIS to forget about his real life troubles.

Things get more interesting when the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, announces a big competition called Anorak's Quest.

If OASIS users are able to finish the quest, they get full ownership of the OASIS and can control his entire company.

Watts meets up with several friends in the game itself to win but they have stiff competition because an evil big company called Innovative Online Industries is doing anything they can to prevent anyone else from winning. 

The first half of the movie is not the film's biggest strengths in my opinion. Aside from Wade Watts, it's hard to get familar with the other characters in Watts' team because you only get to see their in-game avatars. 

Not to mention it takes a bit of time until the story kicks in because the majority of the first half of the film is just a CGI fest full of Easter Eggs and other popular references to music and movies from the '80s.

It's not until later in the film when Innovative Online Industries chases down the real life players in the real world do things get more interesting.

Sure there's still some unnecessary references to pop culture, but the pace starts to pick up in the second half and it concludes with one of the best action climaxes I have seen all year.

Character wise, I feel Tye Sheridan's performance as Wade Watts is kind of bland and unmemorable.

I know this film is based on a book, but I would have made Olivia Cooke's Samantha Cook the main character in the movie instead.

Cooke's character has more of a fiery attitude and actually does a lot of things to help the story go forward. She is by far the best character in the entire film in my opinion.

Even Watts' other friends showed more charisma too.

Fans of the '80s and '90s will probably love this movie more because a LOT of references and characters have a special appearance.

One of the earliest cameos include an appearance from King Kong while near the end you get to see the Iron Giant in action.

Near the end of the film, you also get to see many video game characters pop out during the final battle.

Honestly, the final battle is something you should watch on the big screen because it's a sight to see and won't disappoint you.

Anyway, Ready Player One is an enjoyable film despite the first half of the movie being average.

It's worth toughing it out because the second half of the film is when things get better because the pace and story gets more exciting.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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