Kong: Skull Island Squashes The Rest Of The Box Office Competition

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Kong: Skull Island had a monster debut at the Box Office this weekend. The movie grossed more money than what was expected which is a good sign for the franchise going forward.

Warner Bros. wants this to become a bigger franchise with a shared universe in the near future.

As reported by Box Office Mojo, Kong: Skull Island debuted with a very respectable $61 million at the North American Box Office this weekend. It was shown at over 3,846 locations across the country earning an average of $15,865 per theater.

$61 million is higher compared to the estimates that were thrown around a few weeks ago. Studio estimates before its release expected the film to earn around $40 to $50 million over the weekend.

Warner Bros. should be happy with the higher number despite facing competition with the second weekend of Logan.

In terms of reception, Kong: Skull Island has a commendable rating of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critic score is actually higher than the audience score.

The audience score is 77% so both fans and critics have the same amount of reception. This is different to most other blockbuster films where the fans love it more than the critics.

20th Century Fox's Logan held on pretty well in its second weekend despite stiff competition from King Kong. The Hugh Jackman movie earned $37.85 million over the weekend.

Its Box Office total now comes to over $150 million in just ten days. It will easily become the highest grossing Wolverine movie and may even earn more than other X-Men films.

Both Logan and Kong: Skull Island better hope to hold on well over the weekdays before next weekend arrives.

Next weekend is expected to be dominated by Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast could have the highest Box Office weekend in 2017 to date.

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