'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Finale Tell All Recap: WTF Happened To Azan?

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Tonight was the reunion/tell all episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5. Here's our recap:

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: David and Annie

Chris and Nikki are there to discuss their relationship with David and Annie.

Annie says she's not a gold digger--she's a gold "lover". But she says she still loves David regardless, and she loves him because he gave everything he could. David still owes $13,500 to Annie's family.

Nikki says that Chris has been supporting David for 9-10 years. The situation gets really weird as Chris explains that he wanted David to travel to Asia with him, and so he paid David to do it.

They go back and rehash the Thai massage comment, where Chris asked Annie to give him Thai massages. Annie started cracking up and saying "I wanted to ask him -- do you want happy ending?" Everyone laughs except Nikki.

For some reason, Chris then comes out and offers Annie $10,000 to go back to Thailand so that they can be done with the whole thing. Of course, she doesn't accept -- she says she wouldn't leave for a million dollars.

She says she would go anywhere with him, even though he doesn't have money. Nikki makes a bitchy comment in response (her best friend???).

Then, Nikki's brother Antonio shows up via video chat. He starts complaining about David, and Nikki piles on. David apologizes, but they all admit that David has a drinking problem.

Antonio accuses Annie of being with David for a green card. Antonio says Annie had said she would leave if David couldn't provide for her. Nikki agrees.

Nikki then says that David would cheat if he could, but nobody wants him. Chris then offers him a partnership in a restaurant.

David is not accepting the offer yet. But Chris says he will give no more money to David, unless he works for it.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: David and Evelyn

Evelyn's best friend McKayla shows up and reveals that people think she's secretly in love with Evelyn.

David and McKayla get into a little tiff about how he said that she wouldn't be so upset if she was dating someone. Nevertheless, they say they're now friends.

David explains why he was so upset that Evelyn brought up sex. He says Evelyn's parents talk about sex with him over coffee. They say their wedding night went great.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: Nicole and Azan

Azan disappeared... Nobody could get in touch with him for three days. They can't seem to contact him by any means.

Annie says that Azan never loved Nicole, but Nicole disagrees. Nicole's mom is also on set, and she talks about how Nicole shouldn't have her daughter call Azan "daddy". Apparently, a previous guy Nicole dated was also called "daddy".

When asked what Azan does for a job, Nicole reveals that she sent Azan a significant amount of money. If he gets his interview, he could get his visa in 3 weeks.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: Luis and Molly

Molly says that Luis changed a lot. She started complaining about the time that Luis criticized her about having a Buddha in her house.

Later they discuss the discussion between Olivia and Luis, when Luis brought up sex. Molly admits that these discussions were wrong, and she says she is sorry about everything to Olivia.

Molly says that she didn't tell Olivia about the marriage because she didn't want to squash Olivia's dream -- but Olivia says she didn't care about the wedding.

Luis then shows up, and there is a little dispute about where he is going to sit. He refuses to sit with Molly., even though she wants him to.

The first question asked to Luis: do you think Molly practices witchcraft? He goes on a nutty rant about Buddha and stuff, and Molly starts fighting back.

Luis says that he went to see his brother when Molly kicked him out.

Where do thing stand today? Molly asked Luis to return to her home. She said she thought things were going well, but since Luis refused to sit next to her, she doesn't know.

Luis says they tried to work out the relationship.

All of the other couples pile on and attack Luis. Luis says he wants to change.

Then, Nicole starts attacking Luis, which pisses off Molly, who goes after her about Azan and her daughter.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei, who for some reason bares a striking resemblance to David Puddy today, doesn't say much except to judge the other couples. He does say he's going to have kids in 1 year.

Elizabeth's sisters show up, and they say they've never seen her being so submissive. Andrei says her submissiveness is just becoming more mature, causing everyone to look quizzically at each other.

Luis jumps in and says that Andrei is controlling.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Recap: Aika and Josh

Neither of these two say much, but Aika says she doesn't know if she will stay with Josh if they don't have kids.

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