Howard Stern Interviews Dan Bilzerian

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Dan Bilzerian, a poker player with a trust fun who may not be a household name but certainly should be -- if only because he's living a unfathomably awesome life -- visited Howard Stern Tuesday to talk about his life.

You may not know who Bilzerian but he has been living a charmed life despite having spend three weeks in jail as a teenager when he brought an M16 into his school's parking lot. broke out some of the incredible dollar amounts and facts and figures in Bilzerian's life:

$50 million - The amount of money Bilzerian has won in the past year.

3.4 million - The number of Instagram followers Bilzerian earned by posting photos of his outrageous life (mostly guns and super-hot chicks)

$3.6 million - the largest amount Bilzerian has lost in a game.

$400 million - Bilzerian's father's net worth at one point.

Bilzerian also owns a private jet and has begun acting in movies. He has a part in the film remake of "The Equalizer" which comes out later this year.