Report: The Justice League Movie Had A Very Shaky Production

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The Justice League movie is out, although releasing it was not easy. A new report has surfaced that sheds more light on the behind the scenes drama that occurred during the production of the movie.

In an exclusive report, The Wrap goes into fine detail about the Justice League's production. An insider suggests things started to crumble thanks to the ill fated reception that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received.

Warner Bros. nearly wanted to fire Zack Snyder from making the Justice League movie, but they decided to keep him. They didn't want more bad PR by firing a director so close to production.

Not to mention it would have cost Warner Bros a lot of money if it decided to delay the November 2017 release date. Warner Bros stuck to its guns and the movie went ahead as originally planned with Snyder still directing.

Due to Snyder's daughter dying, he couldn't finish the film which is why Joss Whedon was brought in. Whedon was asked to make the film lighter and funnier.

After the success of Wonder Woman, Whedon had only a few more months to make Justice League have a lighter tone compared to Snyder's original vision.

Pretty much Whedon and Warner Bros were working on a tight deadline as they didn't want to delay the release date.

The report says the final product of Justice League only made a few people satisfied. If you have seen the movie, you can tell that it is the work of two different directors.

As you may know already, the troubled production of the film has hurt it at the Box Office. As of right now, it's currently the lowest grossing DCEU movie.

Warner Bros is not giving up and hopes that the release of Aquaman next year could have the same success as Wonder Woman got.

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