Did CNN Stage a Fake News Story About Protesting The UK Attacks?

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There is a video going viral online right now that purports to show a CNN reporter faking a protest in order to do a report of it.

In the video, several women in hijabs are given protest signs and other material. After some discussion, the women stand up in front of a camera to protest the UK attacks.

As the woman stand with the signs, a reporter reads what is written on the signs. Several production crew members can be seen on the video, as well as multiple cameras and cameramen, lights, and a monitor.

Here is the video, which you can view and decide what you think:

Becky Anderson

The video appears to show a CNN reporter named Becky Anderson, who is currently in London reporting on the London attacks. You can view one of Anderson's reports here:

Here is another video of Anderson shot in the same location:

Anderson is the Abu Dhabi managing editor for CNN, and is the host of CNN Connect. She has been doing several promotions for CNN Connect recently.

Did CNN Fake a Protest?

So did CNN really stage a fake protest? Well, the reporter definitely appears to be Becky Anderson, and she was in London -- in that exact spot -- doing similar reports.

If you compare the video in which the protest is staged to other videos of Anderson from that location, there are a lot of similarities. In fact, in both videos, she reads the hashtag signs in the same way.

CNN said in a statement: "This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs.

CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so." This appears to be consistent with the fact that the journalists were not allowed to cross the line.

It also explains why there would be so many reporters and cameras on the scene.

It also makes sense as to why all of the production crew was behind the white lines, and the people with signs stepped through and were handed signs (which would have been held as they ducked under the tape).

It would make little sense for anyone to fake a news production with that large of a crew (and multiple other organizations). Such an event would easily be uncovered.

The upshot: while one may be able to argue it's a bit questionable to purposely put the demonstrators into the shot -- which was done by police, not CNN -- there is no conspiracy here.

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