People Seem To Be Unhappy With Hasbro's Star Wars 40th Anniversary Toys

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Hasbro announced today that it will be releasing many toys to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the famous Star Wars franchise. Despite the momentous occasion, fans are not very happy with the products that have been revealed this week

io9 posted several photos of the new toys that Hasbro will be releasing later this year.

Looking at comments both on other websites and via social media, the reception for these new toys have not been warm at best.

The most generous thing I can say is that people are disappointed with what Hasbro has presented them.

What you see above are 3.75 inch scale toys featuring characters from Star Wars: A New Hope.

There are figures to get for Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. Each figure comes with a background made famous in the movie and you can connect each of them to create a diorama

However, the thing that is annoying most collectors is that these aren't really toys.

They are actually small 3.75 inch tall statues with zero articulation whatsoever. Many adult collectors have wanted Hasbro to increase the articulation in its toys as the basic figures only have five points of articulation

Now things are even worse as these statues have no posing ability of any kind. To add insult to injury, each of these figures on their own costs $15.

If you want the whole set, you'll have to save $75 to collect all of them. Not to mention statues aren't really that attractive for parents that want to buy toys for their kids to play with.

There are other products going to be released in the line including a new version of Star Wars Monopoly plus a six inch line of statues yet again.

The six inch statues look cooler, although again they have no articulation and are priced at $50 each.

Hasbro will be announcing more Star Wars toys later this year including figures for the upcoming The Last Jedi movie. Hopefully future products from the toy company satisfy the many hardcore collectors out there.

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