Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18 Recap/Review: ‘Shelter from the Storms’

Supergirl is now heating up with Reign back on the loose and ready to kill her own family. This week, Reign is like 'The Terminator' because for some reason she wants to kill off poor young Ruby.

Ruby is of course the daughter of Samantha who is Reign's human side. However, Samantha is no longer around as Reign has acquired both the powers of Pestilence and Purity and is more powerful than ever.

The problem Supergirl faces however is that Kryptonite is the only substance in the world that is able to weaken Reign and her powers. Supergirl hates Kryptonite and will only use it if it's a last resort.

Lena Luthor is still scared about Supergirl's reaction that Kryptonite still exists in the world.

Lena does not want to tell her she knows how to make it, but in the end her boyfriend Jimmy Olsen says Supergirl might accept the use of Kryptonite if all other options fail.

At this point, Ruby is hiding out in Lex Luthor's old mansion in a hidden location outside of the city. For now she's safe hiding out with Alex, although Ruby still wants to know the true whereabouts of her mother.

Before Reign gets to Ruby, she pays a visit to Patricia who happens to be Samantha's mother. Much like Supergirl, Reign is originally not from Earth, but her adopted mother abandoned her when she was younger.

Supergirl and Martian Manhunter do their best to fight back against Reign, but she is too powerful for them. Since she holds more power than ever before, Reign is too strong.

Reign actually kills off her own human mother and both Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are unable to save her. Now Reign is more determined than ever to find Ruby!

Mon El, Imra and Brainy are going back to the future in their own time, but Brainy finds out the DEO may need their help.

Mon El offers to go back and help Supergirl out until after Reign is fully imprisoned. It feels like Mon El still has some feelings towards Supergirl that he cannot let go.

Ruby gets a hold of a cellphone and calls her mom "Samantha" to see if she's okay. This call gives away Ruby's location so Reign comes crashing down to Lex's mansion to try and kill her!

Lena Luthor arrives at the DEO to drop off the Kryptonite that they might need to apprehend Reign. Supergirl is still annoyed about its existence, but Lena convinces them to use it.

In my opinion, I still feel that Supergirl is overreacting about the use of Kryptonite. Sure it's harmful to her, but there are other evil aliens out there that might need to be defeated with Kryptonite. 

Imagine if Kryponite no longer existed in the Batman v Superman movie with Doomsday. More lives would have been lost if Superman didn't use the Kryptonite spear on Doomsday.

Anyway, Reign arrives at the mansion but Mon El and Supergirl interfere her assassination attempt. Even though it's a two-on-one fight, Reign still has the upper-hand thanks to her powers.

During the fist fight, Reign loses her mask and Ruby sees her for the first time. She finally recognizes that Reign is her own mother and she's frozen in fear.

Supergirl tries to talk to Reign saying that she only kills bad guys and shouldn't kill an innocent girl like Ruby.

While Reign is thinking, Mon El uses some Kryponite and shoots at Reign. The Kryptonite saves the day after all and Reign is taken back to Lena Luthor's laboratory.

Mon El decides to stay until Reign is fully cured which is good news for Supergirl, but could be bad news for Imra. As for Ruby, she's still shocked that her own mother is a supervillain.

The most interesting part of this week's episode is that Lena Luthor talks to Kara that she cannot trust Supergirl anymore.

It feels like the show writers want to create more friction between the two characters that might spill over to Season 4.

Anyway, this week's episode was okay but started off slow in the beginning. It wasn't until the last 10 minutes of the episode did the action start to get more interesting.

There's still a few more episodes left to go until Season 3 is over. Something tells me this is not the end we'll see of Reign and she will break out to wreck havoc on the Earth again soon!

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