'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Episode 9 Recap: Danielle's Success in Deporting Mohamed

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Tonight on 90 Day Fiance, Danielle went full speed ahead with her decision to push for an annulment to her marriage to Mohamed. Did she succeed? Read on to find out.

Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle goes to court to try to get Mohamed deported. She comes out of the courthouse, however, in tears. The judge informs Danielle that winning an annulment case would be very difficult and so Danielle's lawyer advises her to convert the proceeding to a divorce.

However, because of the divorce, it would be very hard to deport Mohamed.

Danielle sees Mohamed coming out of the courthouse with his selfie stick and we learn that Mohamed felt he had to film himself doing everything because he doesn't feel safe from Danielle.

We also learn that Danielle requested Mohamed pay for her lawyer fees, which he agrees to do.

Still, Danielle insists on having words with Mohamed since she wants closure. Mohamed can't wait to get out of the city and put everything behind him.

Danielle feels cheated out of closure since she feels that Mohamed got what he wanted again.

Danielle feels upset when she finds out that Mohamed posted about the divorce on his Facebook. Later, Danielle informs her girls about the court outcome.

Danielle goes to meet up with Mohamed, but it's not clear why. She winds up yelling at him at which point, Mohamed asks her to leave.

Danielle screams at Mohamed that he never would have been able to come to the US if not for her. She feels good about this and vows to go to immigration with her evidence that he used her.

Pedro and Chantel

Chantel wakes up to her wedding day with the realization that the entire trip has been a disaster. Chantel does not feel excited to have her wedding and recognizes that's the worst feeling she could possibly have.

Chantel tells Gege the events of teh prior day. Pedro acknowledges that he's nervous and doesn't want his family to get in the way. Chantel is nervous about future interactions between Pedro's family and Chantel's family.

At the wedding, no one knows what to expect.

However, Chantel does make it down the aisle and she and Pedro move forward with the ceremony. Everyone enjoys themselves during the reception and for the moment, the conflict between the families is put aside.

Anfisa and Jorge

Jorge notes that he and Anfisa have been separated for about a month. He and Anfisa agree to meet up in the parking garage outside of their apartment.

Jorge apologizes to Anfisa. Still, she tells him that their relationship is over.

Paola and Russ

Paola knows that Russ didn't want her to wear lingerie but she did it anyway. Still, she feels more comfortable during her club scene when she's dressed as she usually is.

Once Paola finishes filming, she calls Russ and tells him about the lingerie shots. Russ is upset on hearing about Pao's decision to moe forward with the shots.

Back at home, Russ feels that his trust was broken and he Paola have a hudge blowout fight. Paola feels that Russ shouldn't control her so much and get in the way of her dreams.

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