'Timeless' Recap: 'The Watergate Tapes,' Season 1, Episode 6

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On NBC's "Timeless," the crew face off against historical moments and faceless foes lurking in the future.

Some know more than other but aren't willing to share...until now. Nixon's secrets aren't going to be the only ones outed in "The Watergate Tapes," the sixth episode of the first season.

The trio are headed to Washington, D.C. in the midst of Watergate.

Lucy and Rufus's investigation leave them unnerved. More of Wyatt's past comes back to haunt him and the team. The motives behind Flynn's agenda start to become clearer as secrets began to emerge.

Rufus feels guilty that he wasn't able to make his brother's basketball game. He gets a called from Connor and finds him parked outside his house. The Rittenhouse guy is in there as well. They want to make sure that the erased Watergate tape isn't listened to by anyone.

The guy gives him a number to call to give reports while he's there or his family will suffer the consequences. Lucy sits outside her father's house when she gets called in.

The moment they arrive, Wyatt accidentally gets caught up in a fight. Separated from the others, Wyatt is knocked out by one of Flynn's men.

Wyatt wakes up tied to a chair. Lucy and Rufus are there with him. Flynn has them in the same room they stayed at when they went back to Lincoln's era. He plays them the missing eighteen minutes that reveal that Nixon is involved with Rittenhouse.

He also spills the beans on the journal Lucy will write in the future and all the times she's run into Flynn alone. He wants her and Rufus to get the document Nixon talked about in the tapes.

They only have five hours or he'll kill Wyatt. Lucy starts looking by calling Deep Throat.

Rufus calls the number. The voice on the other side orders him to destroy it when they find it. Lucy has found Deep Throat and they go to talk to him. He tells them about a break in in the hotel room one floor above.

Wyatt asks Flynn for his side of the story as a distraction while he tries to free himself. He had found out about Rittenhouse, talked to the wrong person, and they had shot his family.

Or so he says. His goal is to wipe Rittenhouse from time in hopes that he'll come back to the present to find them alive.

The search for the documents has lead Rufus and Lucy to the BLA. For once Lucy is forced to wait outside. Rufus has gone with the alias Kanye and it is not working out for him.

His research into the BLA comes in handy for getting them to believe him. Flynn taunts Wyatt with what Lucy has written about him in her journal, including the last moments Wyatt had with his wife.

His obsession is also a shared connection between the two of them. Rufus and Lucy find out that the doc is really a young, black girl.

Lucy goes into talk to the Doc. They bond over shared degrees from the same teacher, though Lucy had him a lot later. Rufus has to decided if he's going to call and update. Rittenhouse is after Doc because she left the organization.

She's got the names of all the members from the beginning until now. Killing someone is the last line for Rufus.

He hangs up on them but Lucy has overheard. He comes clean and destroys the tape recording. It's too late though, the trust between them has been broken.

Wyatt has picked the lock on his cuffs. He is not able to overpower all of Flynn's men. Rufus calls Rittenhouse to pick up the Doc. Lucy has made the same call to Flynn.

It becomes a shootout between the two forces, one that Flynn very easily wins. While they're all distracted, Lucy crawls through the window of the hotel room.

She gives Wyatt the nail so he can pick the lock on his cuffs just in time to knock out his guard.

Doc confesses that the real reason she left Rittenhouse was so her son didn't have to grow up in it.

Rufus calls his contact to make it seem like Flynn's is to blame for Doc getting away. Wyatt tells them to act normal. He doesn't trust with of them now. The team is fractured. The man in the car asks Rufus to clarify what happened.

Turns out he was the one Rufus was talking to on the phone. Flynn goes to visit his family's grave. Wyatt sits before a crime board based on his wife's mystery death.

Lucy finally knocks on the door to her father's house but doesn't say anything. He already knows who she is. He makes a call after she leaves.

"The Watergate Tapes" pushed "Timeless" forward in a way that had been lacking for the past couple of episodes.

Finding out more about Flynn's mission answered a few questions but left so many more. Keep watching to find out what his deal is Monday's at 10pm and check out clips for next week here.

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