'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Episode 5 Recap: Danielle's Quest to Deport Mohamed and Are Chantel and Pedro Over?

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Tonight was the 5th episode of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," and if you thought the drama wasn't going to heat up, you were wrong. Read on to find out what happened tonight.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

We start off with Chantel and Pedro who are still in the Dominican Republic with the animosity rising between their families. Chantel feels suspicious of Pedro's intentions and now believes that he planned all along to use her to further his family's situation.

Meanwhile, Pedro's family feels humiliated by Chantel's family. There seems to be no way out of the conflict between the two families.

In the next scene, we find out that Chantel hasn't talked to Pedro in some time and isn't even sure about the status of her relationship with him.

She knows he has his bachelor party that night and is hoping to hear from him.

Meanwhile, Pedro goes out with his friends and while they validate his need to send money home to his mother, they tell him to call Chantel and make up with her.

So Pedro calls Chantel and they agree to meet up since at that moment, it feels like their entire relationship is falling apart.

Chantel reflects on the fact that the trip to have a second wedding has only driven her family further apart from Pedro's family.

When Chantel and Pedro finally talk, Chantel reveals her family's concerns about how Pedro is just using her to send money back to his family. Chantel feels that Pedro is prioritizing his family over her.

Chantel's words escalate Pedro and he hurls his green card at her.

Chantel feels that Pedro treats his mother better than her. By the end of their argument, Pedro asks Chantel if he should remain in the Dominican Republic while she returns to the US.

After their epic fight, Chantel questions her marriage to Pedro.

Next, Chantel has a chance to get together with her best friend Gigi, who can be a neutral third party.

Chantel confides in her. At this point, Chantel isn't sure if Pedro's family is even going to show up and check into the resort where their wedding is supposed to happen.

Pedro meets up with Chantel's father and brother. Chantel's father is concerned that Pedro's family has swindled Chantel and wants Pedro to provide only for Chantel.

Pedro gets upset that Chantel's father is disrespecting his mother. Chantel's father just wants Pedro to provide for him and Chantel before sending money home to his family.

90 Day Fiance: Loren and Alexei

It's time for Alexei's mother to leave for Israel and everyone is still reeling from the news that it'll be really difficult for Alexei's brother to immigrate to the US - and without his brother, Alexei's parents can't come to the US. Alexei has an emotional farewell with his mother at the airport.

Next, Loren gets a call from the Tourette Association with the invitation to speak at an event in Washington.

Loren wants Alexei to come to the event and thinks he doesn't understand what a big deal it is and what a great chance it would be to speak with others with the disease.

Alexei talks about how it's been a tough couple of weeks for him.

While Loren attends her event in Washington, Alexei has a chance to speak with Loren's father.

He asks about the issue of whether Loren's father knew that Tourette could be inherited. Loren's father is impressed that Alexei wants to try so hard to be supportive.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle is now hard at work trying to pull together the evidence to deport Mohamed. So she goes to visit Tom, a friend of Mohamed's in Ohio.

Tom knows that Danielle wants him to be on her side.

Tom notes that he hasn't been in touch with Mohamed but questions what Danielle brings to him as evidence of Mohamed's treachery.

Danielle feels that the fact that Mohamed was not sleeping with her is proof of the fact that he never intended to marry her for love.

Danielle asks Tom point blank if he's on Mohamed's side and Tom notes that he's neutral. He feels Danielle is wasting her time and should be using her energy to take care of her daughters.

Danielle runs flying out of Tom's house crying hysterically. "I hate him" is what she says over and over again. Tom feels that it's for a judge to determine what should happen with the case and not him.

Meanwhile, Mohamed visits a lawyer to find out how to proceed in court. He actually doesn't feel that he needs a lawyer. Mohamed gets defensive about his intentions about a green card. The lawyer is concerned about Mohamed's anger.

90 Day Fiance: Paola and Russ

Russ discusses a job with Paola that's not quite in his industry and could yield a major pay cut; he feels that the job may not be right for him. Paola is disappointed by his attitude since she feels Russ needs to be doing whatever he needs to do in order to make things work for them in Miami.

She also feels that Russ is too negative about job prospects in Miami. Russ is torn between what's best for his career versus his family.

Next, Russ finds out that he got a job in Miami but the job will pay half of what he was earning in Oklahoma.

Paola feels that Russ always has to focus on the negatives but also recognizes the sacrifice that Russ is making for her and wants to work hard so that she makes it worth it for them to have moved to Miami.

Next, Paola sets up a photo shoot so that she can build a portfolio with her new hair color. While Russ feels that it's important for Paola to further her career, he does think it's important for her not to cross a boundary.

Paola recognizes that Russ may have some issues with control. Still, Russ feels uncomfortable with what Paola winds up wearing in the shoot.

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa has separated from Jorge but talks about how she feels lonely since she doesn't have a lot of supports in the US. She talks to her grandmother online - Anfisa's grandmother raised her. Anfisa's grandmother also asks about Jorge, which leaves Anfisa confused.

Jorge heads out to meet with a friend he hasn't seen for a while. Jorge reflects on how his relationship with Anfisa has kept him from connecting with other supports.

Jorge confides in his friend, Ramon, who feels concerned about Jorge's welfare. Jorge appreciate the advice that Ramon gives him.

Jorge also visits his mother in this episode. Again, his mother is someone else that Jorge has been ignoring. Jorge talks about how he rushed into things with Anfisa.

Lourdes asks if Jorge will see Anfisa anytime soon. Jorge actually has made plans to see Anfisa. Lourdes advise Jorge not to get Anfisa a gift. Jorge's mother thinks he should get Anfisa a bible as a gift.

Although Anfisa is on a tight budget she feels it's important to maintain her lifestyle. She tells the producers that other than her lips, she hasn't had any work done.

The producers question this which makes Anfisa laugh coyly. At her consultation, the doctor suggests she get botox, which Anfisa is more than happy to get. Still, Anfisa knows she's running out of money.

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