Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Finale: How Does It End?

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This episode of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood begins with Katrina and Anna in the park. They are trying to move forward after the explosive events of the night before (see our recap below).

At the house, Robbie and the housemates plan out their last week of being on the show. They all want to go out every night to celebrate.

They go to a club and Jordan gets really drunk and starts vomiting.

Jenn tries to take care of Jordan, so she gets in a car and tries to take her home, but Peter starts arguing with her before she can leave.

Jenn and Jordan leave, while Peter remains at the club. He's angry because he feels he was disrespected by Jenn during the incident -- since she didn't wait for him to close his tab before leaving.

At the house, Peter is angry and calls his sister to complain. Jenn tries to fool around with him, but he starts arguing with her. Katrina enters and Peter turns his anger toward her.

Peter starts to get aggressive with Katrina, and Jenn has to restrain him. He says that Katrina's boobs are fake, and screams a bunch of obscenities. Jenn then turns her anger toward Anna, and she charges at her.

Before security can stop things, Jenn pushes Anna over. Things descend into mayhem when Peter starts swinging at the security team. In order to avoid further violence, the producers separate everyone for the night.

In the morning, Jenn meets with a producer, who suggests that she needs to talk things out with Anna. He tells Jenn that Peter is getting kicked off of the show, and that makes Jenn cry.

Jenn decides she's going to leave the house, but only after she tries to sort things out with Anna. Anna and Jenn both end up apologizing to each other, and they hug it out.

Will and Kassius get their first TV time on the show (they're still around?) and discuss something or other. Zzzz...

Peter is brought in to the studio and the producers read off a legal-sounding notice saying that he will be removed from the show. Peter calls Mike, and he wants Jenn to leave with him.

But Jenn has changed her mind and decided to stay. There are some tense moments as Peter and Jenn discuss their plans. Peter tells Jenn that she must leave with him, and he threatens to dump her if she stays.

Peter explodes at Jenn again before he leaves. He intimidates her, but she stands up for herself.

After Peter leaves, Jenn seems much happier. And Peter doesn't seem that upset about having left. The last few nights in the house are pretty much uneventful. Even Will and Annika bury the hatchet. And then everyone goes home.

What happens with Peter and Jenn after the show ends? We've got all the secrets here.

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