Dan Bilzerian Blows Up An SUV On Instagram : Says He Might Marry A Black Woman

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The Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian releases a video of himself and a few of his bikini entourage blowing up an SUV and also says he may be marrying a black woman.

Two days ago the multi-millionaire posted a video to Instagram showing him and a few woman in bikinis toting large guns and using them to shoot up and eventually blow up an SUV. The background music for the video was Guns and Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" and its wild nature fits the action superbly.

The caption for the video read, "This is the closest I've come to being killed by a girl I haven't had sex with... Vidcred: @temptmedia"

Meanwhile, yesterday Bilzerian attended a wedding and posted a photo holding an enormous amount of money.

The photo may draw much attention but the caption is what will generate more of a buzz.

The photo was captioned, "Went to Big Al's beautiful biracial wedding tonight and won so much money I think I am gonna marry a black girl too."

Earlier last week Bilzerian also posted a photo of his arsenal of high grade weapons with the caption, "Wishin a motherfucker would... @smushball."

Big guns, women, fast cars and a ton of money is nothing new for this professional poker-player and playboy extraordinaire.

Last month he crushed a BMW with a tank and this week he blows up and SUV. What kind of vehicle is next on his list?