Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Review/Recap: Universe 4 Plans To Erase Frieza

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Dragon Ball Super episode 94 shows some of the final preparations towards the Tournament of Power.

Universe 7 is finally gathering all of the fighters on their team, although things are getting a little uneasy. This is because both Universe 4 and 9 are teaming up to try and take out Universe 7 before the tournament actually starts!

As you may have seen last week in Dragon Ball Super episode 93, the Universe 4 God of Destruction (Quitela) sent spies to look at Universe 7.

He knows that Goku is going to resurrect Frieza so he wants to eliminate Frieza before he joins the team. If Frieza is unable to join the team, Universe 7 will be disqualified and erased immediately.

Quitela talks to the Universe 9 God of Destruction Sidra to help him out. Sidra is a bit worried that Zen-Oh will find out about their plan.

Quitela tells him not to worry about it as he should just gather up assassins to get rid of Frieza quietly. Will their plan succeed?

Elsewhere in the episode, it just focuses on the last preparations for the other Universe 7 members. The others ask Goku how he managed to convince Frieza to join the team.

Goku lies to them and says that he just wanted a change of scenery for 24 hours.

The others are not convinced and know that Goku is lying. Goku then tells them that he promised to Frieza to revive him with the Dragon Balls if they win.

Everyone including Bulma and Vegeta are shocked by this. However, Whis calms everyone down and says it's better than the Universe getting potentially destroyed.

Whis has a point because Universe 7 does not have any other options at this point. They need anyone they can get or else they will get disqualified.

My favorite part of the episode happens next. Bulma and Vegeta have not told Trunks and Goten about the Tournament of Power and the possibility of the Universe getting erased. Trunks sees a picture of all the Universe 7 fighters and wants to know what it is for. Bulma lies to him and says it's for a party for Bulla being born.

Trunks is a bit smart and recognizes Frieza. He asks why is someone bad like him coming to the party.

Vegeta then has to suck up his pride and lie to Trunks that Frieza has turned good. Vegeta's mind almost explodes for the fact he had to defend Frieza....

On a side note, I do hope that they don't consider making Frieza into a good guy in the future. His crimes are too big for Goku and especially Vegeta to ignore.

It's best to keep him as a villain. Even if he does get resurrected, it will be cool to see Vegeta being the one to take him down as opposed to Goku.

Goku needs to visit Fortune Teller Baba to pick up Frieza. He asks if Krillin can go with Trunks and Goten to No. 17's island.

Krillin is a bit nervous since he hasn't seen No. 17 in many years. Goku says it should be fine as he's a good guy now. Trunks and Goten are happy to visit the island to protect the wildlife there.

No. 18 and Marron go with Krillin to meet No. 17. Krillin is still awkward with No. 17, but things start to soothe over.

Krillin says Trunks and Goten are the sons of Vegeta and Goku so the island is in good hands. It is funny to see No. 18 getting angry at No, 17 for pronouncing Marron's name wrong.

Marron stays with Trunks and Goten on the island while Krillin, No. 17 and No. 18 go back to Bulma's.

At this point of the episode, most of the fighters have gathered. Master Roshi is back after doing some last minute training at Korin's tower.

Universe 7 is still waiting for Goku and Frieza to arrive. Beerus is getting impatient since the Tournament of Power is about to start!

The episode ends with Goku meeting up with Frieza. The two punch each other in the abdomens as a way to greet each other. After that, many Universe 9 assassins show up to try and take out Frieza and Goku.

The assassins don't give out any information to Goku. Frieza powers up to his Golden Form and the fight will start next week! The transformation for Frieza in this episode was god-like. The music and animation was really impressive here.

As a whole, this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super felt like a time filler. It would have been better if the actual fight with the assassins started this week instead of waiting until next week.

The episode also didn't need the scene with Master Roshi training at Korin's Tower. We already know that Roshi is an expert at the Evil Containment Wave technique.

Anyway, it will be at least a few more weeks until the actual Tournament of Power starts. Hopefully the tournament itself isn't too short as we have been waiting for it since February.

I admire all of the world building of this arc though. It's great to see that some of these episodes have focused on characters outside of just Goku and Vegeta.

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