Howard Stern Says He May Quit America's Got Talent

Howard Stern is torn by indecision about whether or not to return for another season of America's Got Talent, though his rapport with Robin Quivers on the Stern Show Tuesday morning revealed that he wants to quit.

"I'm waiting for somebody to give me the answer as to whether or not I should do America's Got Talent," Stern said.

"I don't have the ability to figure it out for myself. I have a f****** problem." Stern has been on the judges panel of the prime-time television talent show since 2012.

Robin Quivers, who's talked about Stern's immense positive affect on America's Got Talent, agrees about this problem.

According to Quivers, the nature of America's Got Talent has been upgraded since Stern has appeared, and gave it a boost in credibility. "What goes through your mind?" she asked about Stern's indecision.

Stern replied, "It goes like this: I don't want to do AGT anymore. I want more free time."

Stern revealed he has spoken to a number of different people about quitting America's Got Talent, including his therapist, wife, and mother.

According to Stern, his wife, Beth, encouraged him to quit. "That [was] it." Stern said after the fact, "I'm going to quit."

Even Howard Stern's mother is telling him to quit America's Got Talent, and as they say, Momma knows best.

Yet, he's still not 100% sure. "I do enjoy the show, and I don't know if I'm going to miss it or not."

While Stern has still not made an official announcement about his participation with America's Got Talent, it looks like he's not keen on returning for another season.

UPDATE/CORRECTION 10/1/2014: On The Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning, Stern stated that he did not say he was "going to quit" America's Got Talent, and is going to make the decision this weekend.