Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Recap/Review: Gohan and Frieza vs Dyspo

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Dragon Ball Super episode 123 was very exciting because Goku and Vegeta teamed up to try and beat up Jiren.

It was more exciting mainly because Vegeta reached a new Super Saiyan Blue form that makes him stronger than he has ever been.

Well episode 124 continues that fight with Goku and Vegeta still going at it with Jiren. Goku and Vegeta do not allow Jiren to rest as they are on the offensive 100 percent of the time.

Despite the two-on-one disadvantage, Jiren is still unscathed from the attacks brought forward from Goku and Vegeta. There does not seem to a weak spot for Jiren thus far.

As that fight continues, episode 124 of Dragon Ball Super shifts to the fight between Dyspo and Frieza.

Dyspo is really fast and it looks like he has finally got the upper hand against Frieza for the first time in the tournament.

However, Frieza fakes getting injured and then has a proposition for Dyspo. Frieza promises to Dyspo he will help Universe 11 win the Tournament of Power if Dyspo uses the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect him.

I think this is a pretty smart strategy on Frieza's part because he knows Jiren is way too powerful for him to defeat. That said, it's a scummy strategy that will obviously annoy the other members of Universe 7.

Dyspo however is a noble character and says he does not do deal with evil people. With his plan denied, Frieza transforms into his Golden form to show Dyspo his true strength and power.

Dyspo is now on the defensive because Golden Frieza is both more powerful and faster than he was before in his base form. It looks like there's no way Dyspo can win the fight now.

However, Dyspo is not going to give up so easily so he unleashes his final technique that makes him have a purple aura around him.

This technique of his is called 'Super Maximum Light Speed Mode' and this makes Dyspo faster than he was just a few minutes ago.

The interesting part about Dyspo's speed is that the Zen-Ohs cannot see anything either. Their godPad tablets are not powerful enough to see Dyspo even when they use the slow motion feature.

With Frieza about to get eliminated, Gohan delegates Android 17 to fight Toppo by himself. Now it's Frieza and Gohan vs Dyspo for the remainder of this episode.

Dyspo is still traveling around really fast and Frieza and Gohan do not have a strategy to slow him down yet.

That is until Gohan comes up with a brilliant plan in order to limit Dyspo's movements.

In order to slow Dyspo down, Gohan asks Frieza to create a laser-like prison.

If Dyspo or Gohan touch one of the lasers, it will hurt them badly.

This plan seems to be working really well, although creating the laser prison is taking its toll on Frieza. Gohan will need to end the fight quickly in order to be successful.

Frieza gets too tired and the laser prison dissipates. However, Gohan manages to grab Dyspo from behind so Frieza can unleash one final attack.

Frieza shoots out a Ki blast and BOTH Dyspo and Gohan are out of the tournament. I'm actually very disappointed that Gohan has been eliminated before both Frieza and Android 17.

I was hoping that Gohan would have been the overall winner of the tournament since he's the leader of Universe 7 after all.

Now it seems the Tournament of Power will have a predictable ending with Goku, Vegeta and Jiren being the final three...

To sum up who's left in the tournament, we have Jiren and Toppo in Universe 11 while Universe 7 still has Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 and Frieza.

Despite not liking Gohan's exit in the tournament already, episode 124 of Dragon Ball Super was still really good. These past few episodes have been very enjoyable because the fights have been great with little to know boring parts in them.

That said, I'm hoping the Tournament of Power has an unexpected and unpredictable ending. It will be kind of boring to see if Goku and Jiren are the final two with Goku getting the victory...

There are only a few more weeks until Dragon Ball Super ends in late March. Stay tuned to us here as we review and recap the final few episodes of the series!

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